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APU Students Promote Oita Tourism in International Market

On Wednesday October 15th APU organized presentation of Oita Prefecture promotional video mainly made by foreign students. In order to promote tourism in Oita abroad, Oita prefectural government requested the participation of APU international students in making commercial video showing Oita Prefecture’s points of interests to potential international tourists.

There were six teams participating in this collaboration project, four teams to promote Oita in local languages of China, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea, as well as two teams for English language based videos for international market. Beside the participants who would present their videos, the presentation was attended by the President of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Mr. KORENAGA Shun, Vice President Mr. IMAMURA Masaharu, professional commercial video director Mr. NAKAJIMA Shinya and representatives from Oita prefectural government.

As an incentive for participating students, awards were given by Oita prefecture government, the President of Ritsumeikan APU and director NAKAJIMA. Team Orange (one of the two international teams), Team Thailand and Team China won the award. Before the award winners were announced, director NAKAJIMA expressed his marvel at the students’ works, calling them extraordinary. Representative from Oita prefectural government also expressed his satisfaction, and told the audience that the decision to involve international students in making the commercial video was not a mistake. The presentation was followed by a gala dinner hosted by the university.

In their commercials teams introduced Oita Prefecture in a variety of ways. Team Bangit created a CM in the style of a video-diary, showing Oita in a series of rapidly changing scenes. Team Orange had a small girl walking around introducing Oita and Team Thailand created a musical. Team Taiwan’s commercial was a story about finally falling in love with Oita and Team Korea’s was a story about a person who realizes the appeal of Oita after coming here on a business trip, and sets about planning a holiday here. Team China used a game component to introduce Oita.

Each team put their own spin on portraying the uniform catchphrase “Warm your heart, warm your body. Oita, Kyushu, Japan!” in producing original and unique commercials.We hope the CMs will all be posted and available for viewing on YouTube from about the middle of November so please make sure you have a look.

Student Press Assistant (SPA)
RACHMAN Muhammad Aulia (Republic of Indonesia)