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Venture Companies Top Executives Forum @ APU

Do you attend the various seminars held at APU? During a special seminar held on Friday, October 31 at APU, a number of top entrepreneurs gave presentations.
A large group of students gathered to hear first-hand from leading entrepreneurs about how they have made the most of their knowledge and experiences since entering society. Below, six such individuals are introduced.

IMIO Corporation, President, KURABAYASHI Keishiro – During his time at university, Mr. Kurabayashi took the challenge to start his own business, by establishing IMIO, a company focused on soccer. From a young age, Mr. Kurabayashi was interested in soccer and when he heard that 80% of the world’s soccer balls are manufactured in Pakistan, he travelled by himself to Pakistan and started his business. Since then, his business has expanded to include, not only soccer accessories, but also futsal such as futsal balls and uniforms. Imio is also involved in the construction of futsal courts and is developing a media service allowing users to search online for futsal courts.

VIVA JAPAN Inc., Founder, Mr. HAMADA Hisato – This is the second year that Mr. Hamada has presented at our seminars. Last year, we heard about how VIVA Japan had developed a business selling Japanese food products by mail order, primarily to Singapore. A year has passed since then and the company’s focus has shifted to promoting the amazing qualities of Japanese beef to the world. Mr. Hamada is clearly very proud of “Made in Japan” Japanese beef, asserting the importance of sending this message to the world, while awakening the world’s five senses. He also stressed the significance of non-verbal communication.

SHIFT Corporate, CEO, Mr. TANGE Masaru – Mr. Tange is another individual who, like Mr. Hamada, was inspired to start his own business based own his strong desire to tell the world about the high quality of products made in Japan. His enterprise is focused primarily on software development and operation checks. Surprisingly, Mr. Tange had a dream to start his own business since elementary school. Upon finishing graduate school, Mr. Tange took a risk and chose a small company to join, where he gained the strengths needed to start up his own business. It wasn’t until he was thirty that he took the plunge and started his venture. Mr. Tange’s motto is “to live a life without regrets” and it was this mantra that led him to start his own enterprise.

NEO CAREER Co., Ltd, CEO, Mr. NISHIZAWA Ryoichi – As an HR Consultant, Mr. Nishizawa developed a business providing HR services in a range of professions. Mr. Nishizawa says that he didn’t have any specific dreams or ambitions; he simply knew he wanted to be independent in the future. He was offered a position at a large firm but felt that such a role would not allow him independence, so instead decided to start his own business. Mr. Nishizawa chose to be a part of the minority, rather than the majority. He emphasized the importance of making that choice and the courage it takes. Furthermore, Mr. Nishikawa explained that, if you chose to be part of the minority, you must succeed. The efforts you make within a minority group become your strength for life. On the other hand, if you choose to join the majority, your success is only a facade. It was at this point in the seminar, that every student’s eyes were wide in amazement.

Works Applications Co., Ltd, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. MAKINO Masayuki – Works Applications has developed a unique all-inclusive corporate management system incorporating essential functions such as sales management, financial accounting and HR management services; available to corporations in Japan and overseas. Mr. Makino explained the importance of taking the lead role in your own life, by becoming the best and the only. By developing a business that no one else has developed, that is, by creating a future that doesn’t currently exist, your business can become integral to the world. That is how you can become the best and only. Mr. Makino urged the students to avoid entering a large-scale corporation, but work in an environment that allows the individual to thrive (such as a venture business).

ARTYZ Inc., Co-Founder, Ms. SHAFIYEVA Zulfiya – The last speaker was a graduate of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. Zulfiya is involved in the IT industry, conducting web-design and online marketing. Upon graduation, she took a position at an NGO, working in dozens of countries around the world. When Zulifiya unexpectedly received a job offer from Rakuten, she decided to change jobs. Zulfia explained that the online marketing experience at Rakuten, allowed her to start her own business.

Students at APU have the opportunity to attend numerous seminars that can spark their curiosity and spirit of inquiry. All students are encouraged not to miss such valuable opportunities.

Venture Companies Top Executives Forum @ APU

Student Press Assistant (SPA)
SHIMIZU Takahiro ( Japan )