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Finding Home: A Photo Exhibition


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Finding Home: A Photo Exhibition

A group of student representatives from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University came together to host the student-run photo exhibition. Titled “Finding Home”, the exhibition aimed to reflect on the various interpretations of “home” through the spectacle of photography. The event featured 30 photos from selected APU student photographers who in their own terms defined their ideas of “home” through their works.

The exhibition, in collaboration with Beppu Art Month 2016, was revealed to the public on November 13 to 15, 2016, at the Kaza-ana, Kitahama, Beppu city. It was commenced by small ceremony attended by the participating photographers, invited guests and staff members from Beppu City Hall. The ceremony was opened by a speech from UTTARAK Sukuma(College of Asia Pacific Studies 4th year, Thailand) on behalf of the committees and a talk about photography by lecturer Alejandro Morales Rama as the event advisor. Within three days of exhibition, the exhibition welcomed many visitors that included APU students and citizens of Beppu. The place created a homey atmosphere that sparked friendly conversations among the visitors as they enjoy the photographs.

The exhibition continued to APU Student Hall on November 16 to 18 with a whole different atmosphere. The peaceful, solemn atmosphere of the hall invited visitors to walk through the photographs and contemplate the meaning of “home”.

[Message from the committee]
“As the founder of Finding Home photo exhibition, I would say this was the first and the hardest project I have ever made during my life as APU student. My team and I had only 4 months to prepare for this 5-day exhibition. We have been through a lot of challenges but at the end it went very well. Hearing good feedbacks from the visitors really made my days and such positive thought gave me good feelings to see how the photographers and visitors react to the photographs and the ideas behind them. I am looking forward to see it continue.”

UTTARAK Sukuma(College of Asia Pacific Studies 4th year, Thailand)
Founder and Head of Finding Home Committee

[Poem by Ms. Abe Junko from Beppu City Hall]
A little “poetry” about Finding Home:
They were Productive.
They put their thought to Action.
They worship their Life.
They Love their Family.
They are willing to get into new Community.
They believe in human Bonds.
They don't have any doubts in their Future.
They have sharp Observation sense.
They bring you Nostalgia.
They show you the original Path.
They are a very Authentic group of people.
They had a Light.
They created cozy Space.
They were very Creative.
They are Spontaneous.
They follow their Instinct.
They provide not only Expression but Affection.
Many thanks to their courageous act to explore the world!

Student Press Assistant (SPA)
SABILA Duhita Drijono (Indonesia)
THOMAS Blessing T. (Nigeria)