AP House Policies and Procedures

1. Requirements to be a resident

Individuals who are enrolled in Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and deemed appropriate by the Dean of Student Affairs will be eligible to reside in AP House. Individuals must complete the designated application forms to receive formal permission for residence.

2. Period of Residence

Undergraduate students may reside in AP House for the following periods:

  • First-year student: 11 months
  • Second-year transfer students: 11 months
  • Third-year transfer students: 23 Months
3. Dates for Moving in
April enrollees:

Middle to end of March (as designated by APU)

September enrollees:

Middle to end of September (as designated by APU)

4. Procedures to Reside in AP House

Students must move into their designated room at AP House within 14 days of the first day for move-ins. Students are required to check in at the AP House Security Office on the day they move in. If a student cannot move in within the designated period, the student must promptly explain the situation to the AP House Office.

5. Eviction policies

Residence permission will be revoked in the following cases:

  • Students who do not complete required procedures by designated deadlines.
  • Students who have made false statements in their submitted documents.
  • Students who have not paid fees on time.
6. Expiration of the Period of Residence

The period of residence for April enrollees will expire at the end of February and at the end of August for September enrollees.

7. Necessary Procedures after Moving In:

At check-in, students will receive the following items:
a room key, a Notification of Arrival at AP House, a Loan Agreement, and a Move-in/Move-out checklist sheet.

Students are required to submit the following documents to the AP House Security Office within 1 week after moving in:

  1. Notification of Arrival at AP House
  2. Loan Agreement
  3. Move In/Move Out Check Sheet
    Note: The Move In/Move Out Check Sheet is an important reference used for room inspections when moving out and billing for repairs. Students should write on their Move In/Move Out Check Sheets if there are missing fixtures, stains, or damage to their rooms.
8. Room Assignment

The Dean of Student Affairs is authorized to decide on the assignment of rooms. Residents may not exchange assigned rooms without the permission of the Dean of Student Affairs.

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