Procedures for Moving Out

1. Preliminary Procedures

A “Request for Moving Out” must be submitted on the website at least one month prior to the date you plan to move out.

Please note:
If you do not submit a Request for Moving Out at least one month prior to the date you plan to move out, you will be required to pay one month’s AP House fees from the date you submitted the request. There are no exceptions.

Due to system maintenance, the website is not available during 23:00 to 1:00 (25:00) every day.

If you wish to change the moving out date, “Request for Moving Out” must be submitted on the website again.
If you wish to cancel a request, please email Creotech at

  1. Registration of email address is necessary.
    (Only APU domain is accepted.)
    e.g. ×××
  2. Students will get an automatic reply with a URL to their e-mail address.
    *The URL will be issued to each resident.
    The URL cannot be reissued. Please keep the email.
    * Do NOT share the URL with others.
    Input data will be deleted if residents share the URL with others.
  3. Once approval has been granted, you will receive a “Receipt of Moving Out request/ Departure Approval Notice” on Campus Terminal the following class day.
  • Please make sure to check notes about moving out here.

2. Moving Out Day

After cleaning the room, bring the room key to the Security Office. You are required to continue paying your Dormitory Fees until your key is returned and your final inspection is completed, as your room will otherwise not be considered vacated. The person moving out of the room will accompany a staff member from the Security Office to do a room inspection. The inspection usually takes about ten minutes. However, it may take longer depending on how congested AP House is on that day. Residents will be billed for replacing or repairing wallpaper, carpet, or room furnishings if the cost exceeds the amount of the security deposit.

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