Individual Use of Gymnasium Arena

Individual Use of Gymnasium Arena

Individual use of the gymnasium arena has been provided for times that are not booked for club activities. Please make the most of this opportunity to refresh yourself and clear the cobwebs by doing some exercise.

Using the gymnasium arena

No need to book in advance – you may go straight to the gymnasium during times set aside for individual use.
Bring sportswear and indoor shoes with you. People wearing jeans or outdoor shoes, or are barefooted will not be permitted to use the gymnasium arena.

Schedule for individual use
Tuesday 2nd 10:35-12:10
3rd 12:25-14:00
Friday 4th 14:15-15:50
5th 16:05-17:40
Sunday 5th 16:05-17:40
Using the gymnasium equipment

Everyone who wishes to use the equipment must hand in their student ID card.

  • There are 3 table tennis sets (which includes: tennis tables, nets, supports and barriers)
  • There are 12 table tennis racquets and 142 table tennis balls.
  • There is 1 badminton set (which includes: poles and net)
  • There are 14 badminton racquets and 31 shuttlecocks.
  • There is one volleyball set (which includes: poles, net, and antennae).
  • There are 10 volleyballs.
  • There are 10 basketballs.

Food and drinks are not permitted in the gymnasium arena; please use the lobby area to eat and drink. However, there are designated areas where you may replenish yourself with liquids while exercising in the gymnasium arena.

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