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(APU Student/Uzbekistan)

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〇Please tell us about your future dreams and goals that you want to contribute to society in the future, and about how you have grown in life, learning, and activities at APU.
With a mission to contribute to freedom, peace, humanity, international mutual understanding and the future shape of the Asia Pacific region, I believe is it my obligation to create better jobs and opportunities for underprivileged people. Thus, in the long term, my dream is to establish a consulting firm assisting Japanese companies to better expand their enterprises all around the globe. To achieve my dream, I have been actively polishing my knowledge and enriching my business experience not only theoretically, taking major classes, but also practically, practicing in business case training and competitions. To further improve my business knowledge, currently, I am making my way to seminar class and doing research on ‘how diversity and inclusion policy can affect the organizational performance’. These all, I believe, will provide me with valuable experience and knowledge to achieve my future goals and to serve as a better individual to the growth and development of Asia Pacific.
〇Please tell your idea about APU's unique and good points and how it makes you unique? (your experience (if possible)).
APU is a place with its vibrant community that has a nearly one to one ratio of domestic students to international students. They represent more than 90 countries and regions, making it a truly unique environment. As a student of APU, I am equipped with essential knowledge and intercultural communication skills to work anywhere in the world, which is the reason why APU graduates are in high demand by companies, organizations and graduate schools across the globe. Therefore, I believe that being in APU not only helps to shape my own world but also the world around me.
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