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Indah Shafira Zata Dini

(APU Alum/Indonesia)

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Indah Shafira Zata Dini
〇How has your life(or univeristy life) changed by receiving a scholarship?
My study at college would not be possible without the generosity of NISSIN Food Holdings through the ANDO Momofuku Honor Prize along with the support from Indonesian Government through LPDP scholarship for my master's degree at Harvard. I am able to receive an education from the world's best and yet one of the most expensive universities. Thanks to the financial support now I am one step closer to my goal to be the Minister of Education in Indonesia.
〇What are you doing at your organization or unviersity? (Please introduce yourself)
Hi, I'm Indah Shafira Zata Dini. I graduated from APU in 2019 and I am currently pursuing my master's degree in International Education Policy at the Harvard University. I am passionate about refugee education and has previously worked in early childhood education while pursuing my bachelor degree at APU. Currently, I am working on my project in Early Childhood education sector and a joined project with Harvard Alumn to provide a platform to help teacher in Indonesia implement an active learning lesson plans. We have received several funding from Harvard University such as Operation Impact HILT Round 1 and Round 2. I am also in the midst of publishing a folklore book for children using five indigenous language in Indonesia with the purpose of conserving local languages.
〇How the learning in APU helped you to grow you up?
Like everybody else, I struggled there at APU at the beginning of year. However, there is so much beauty in overcoming the struggle. From language barrier, managing time between maintaining my GPA while having 20 hours shift part-time job on and off campus to actively engage in taking several leadership positions at events and circles in APU, and everything in between, my time at APU was not easy. However, through all those experiences, I learned and gained skills that I could only get at APU.
〇Please tell your idea about APU's unique and good points and how it makes you unique? (your experience (if possible))
Like I said earlier, my time in APU was not easy. I failed multiple scholarships at my first year so I had to work really hard to support my financial since my first year. However, those under privilege situations has shaped me into a stronger individual. I learned from the failures, I would never dare to dream winning the most prestigious scholarship at the end of my forth year in APU without learning from the pattern of my failures. Because most of the time it is not about being the best but being strategic, and APU taught me about that. In addition to that, APU unique environment has taught me communication skill, multitasking, time-management and other skills that I would not get if I never decide to leave my comfort zone in Indonesia.
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