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(APU Student/Nepal)

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〇Please tell us about your future dreams and goals that you want to contribute to society in the future, and about how you have grown in life, learning, and activities at APU.
Looking back at my 2 years in APU, it has become a journey that I will cherish forever, and I hope that it has been somewhat similar to most APU students. APU was always there – supporting, motivating and guiding me – not just during my successful days, but also during the darkest days I could remember in my university life. In this diverse environment that we have in APU, I have come across various opportunities as well as wonderful people from all around the world. I have taken part in different activities, including Teaching Assistant and other student organizations, through which I have learned the importance of different skills such as communication, leadership, and teamwork. Not all activities that I did turned out to be fruitful; however, even from those bitter experiences, I gained once a lifetime experience and unbreakable bond with my colleague. At last but not least, I truly appreciate different scholarship foundations who trusted me and supported me over the years. Because of these generous scholarships provided, I was able to gain and develop a long-term goal in my life – living my life not only for myself but also for others.
〇Please tell your idea about APU's unique and good points and how it makes you unique? (your experience (if possible)).
I love a lot of things about APU, including the Pangea space in the library to the different multicultural weeks we get to experience. However, I am always mind-blown by one thing the most - the importance that APU gives towards diversity. I used to consider ‘diversity’ as meeting people from different parts of the world; however, it was something much more than that. Diversity meant a new perspective, new idea, new opinion and new environment – an environment where our differences are not compared but are valued as ‘uniqueness’. You, as a person, can express yourself to the fullest and enjoy yourself at the same time. This is what I love about APU.
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