This page is applicable to 2017 curriculum undergraduate students

Basic Support

  • ID・Password
  • Email
  • Printers
  • Office 365
  • Classroom Facilities
  • VPN
  • Wireless LAN
  • App form
  • Softwares

APU's Recommended System Requirements

  • PCs
    OS Windows Mac OS
    Operating Environment Windows 11
    Windows 10
    Windows Server 2019
    macOS Monterey (12)
    macOS Big Sur (11)
    macOS Catalina (10.15)
    RAM Minimum: 4GB Minimum: 4GB
    CPU Intel or AMD x86 (2GHz or faster) Intel (2GHz or faster)
    Note Cannot use SPSS Amos
  • Network Environment(Online class)
    Zoom Data Usage Notes
    Per Minute 3~5MB The usage may change based on the class content or environment.
    If your connection is slow you can reduce the amount of data used by turning off your camera, but please follow your course instructor’s directions regarding turning video on / off.
    For One Class
    (100 min)

    ・When accessing from home, to ensure a stable connection we recommend using a wired LAN connection instead of Wi-Fi.
    ・When joining class or a meeting, please close all applications and programs not currently being used.


APU user IDs and Passwords are very important, as they are the way the university authorizes user access to the network environment or IT services. Please be very careful with handling your information. Also, if you leave the university you will no longer be able to use your APU user ID.


You can access email, calendar, and other services using the email address provided by APU.
APU’s email system uses Microsoft’s Office365 system.
Please click here to check your system settings regularly for security measures.

  • Brief
  • Normal
  • Email Client Setup Manuals
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Thunderbird
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Outlook User Manuals
  • Individual
  • iOS
  • Android


There are 8 machines in APU campus. You could print out from the PC with the copy machines. Please charge the cash to you student ID before using the copy machines.

*The cloud on-demand print service and Copy card has been canceled.
*You could print out from your smartphones by Multi-print machine in LAWSON.

Contact (Copier, Copy card):APU Co-Op (EⅡ棟1階)

Office 365

1. Installation

Current students and faculty/staff can install the latest version of Office on their personal or work PCs.

  • Office365 ProPlus Installation Manuals
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android
2. Multifactor Authentication

When signing in to Office365 from off campus, in addition to a username and password users must also use a secondary method (via smartphone, mobile phone, etc.) to authenticate their sign in.


Using OneDrive, users can save their data to the cloud then access it again from anywhere with an internet connection via any device, so they no longer have to carry around USB memory devices to save or edit their files from anywhere.

Classroom Facilities

In cooperation with the Ritsumeikan University Information Systems group, APU provides technological infrastructure and information systems for the promotion of research and educational activities. Computers are not only available in computer labs, but a PC for instructor use has been provided in each regular classroom as well.


A VPN is required to access APU’s online databases from off campus. Use of this service is limited to activities related to research and education, so Please note that misuse or abuse found for any other purpose may result in disciplinary measures.

  • VPN Setup Manuals
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android

Wireless LAN

You can connect to the university’s wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) via personal laptop or smartphone. An APU username and password are required for use.

  • Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Setup Manuals
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Eduroam User Manual

Visitors from Eduroam member institutions can access the wireless LAN network on campus. Students, faculty and staff from APU can access the wireless LAN network when visiting Eduroam member institutions.


Windows 10 Education

Students can upgrade the computers to the Microsoft Windows 10 Education OS.
Please read the software user agreements carefully to ensure you do not violate the license conditions.

Windows 10 Upgrade (For Individual Student Use)


MATLAB is a numerical analysis software that excels in scientific and technical computing, data analysis, and software and system development. APU faculty, staff and students can install and use MATLAB and all toolboxes on their personal computers and smartphones.

MATLAB software


SPSS is the name of IBM’s statistical analysis software. APU students and faculty can install it on their own computers and use the software for class or non-profit research.
Please be sure to follow the usage rules and do not violate the license agreement.

SPSS Software

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