Final Exams

If your course is not shown in this list, please be sure to confirm the exam schedule directly with your course instructor.

Final Exam Timetable & Venue


2021 Fall 1st Quarter Courses

  • Exam Period: Mon, November 22 - Wed, November 24, 2021
  • Back-up Exam Date: Wed, November 24, 2021

2021 Fall 2nd Quarter and Semester Courses

  • Exam Period: Mon, January 31 - Fri, February 4, 2022
  • Back-up Exam Dates: Wed, February 2, Sat, February 5, Sun, February 6, 2022

Final Exam Time
  • Please check with your course instructor for the start time of each exam.

Notes on Final Examinations

Notes and Warnings for Taking Online Exams (PDF)
※Please be sure to read this before taking online exams.

Academic Misconduct

Examinations at APU are conducted in order to assess students' level of achievement in their studies, and as such must be conducted fairly and impartially. Cheating during an examination amounts to an abandonment of one's own right to learning and will result in a student's disqualification from study at APU. As a university providing scholarships and other forms of support from both internal and external sources, APU cannot permit activities such as cheating. From this standpoint, APU strictly enforces the rules for examinations.

Academic Misconduct in Online Exams

The following acts are regarded as cheating and will be strictly punished:

  • Using a stand-in (another person to take the test for you)
  • Talking or whispering during the exam, as well as looking at other people's answers
  • Using any materials not permitted for the exam
  • Lending and borrowing of allowed materials, other items, etc.
  • Filling in someone else's name or information on your answers
  • Use or possessions of cheat sheets or other such material
  • Communicating or consulting with others (including via chat, email, messaging, etc.)
  • Any other behavior not permitted by the course instructor during the exam
  • Obstructing the examination in any other way

※Please be sure to read Notes and Warnings for Taking Online Exams (PDF).

Consequences of Cheating

Students found to be cheating may be punished in several ways, including the following:

  • Revocation of student scholarships
  • Disciplinary measures such as suspension or expulsion
Additonal Notes

you must follow the instructions of the exam proctor(s) in regards to seating, submitting guestion and answer sheets, etc. If you fail to follow the proctor's instructions, this may be considered academic misconduct, and treated as a form of cheating. The University will not be responsible for the consequences of failing to follow instructions during the examination.

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