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Grade Inquiries

Students may make inquiries regarding their grade reports during the grade inquiry period. (Students Eligible for Graduation Assessment[* Students Eligible for Graduation Assessment (students in their 8th semester or above, and Accelerated Graduation Program students who applied to graduate in September 2021)]: September 1 (Wed)10:00 - September 3 (Fri), 12:00:00 noon JST / All Other Students: September 13 (Mon) 10:00- September 15 (Wed), 12:00:00 noon JST). Grade inquiries may ONLY be made under the following circumstances:

  1. A grade is not shown for a registered subject.
  2. A grade is shown for a subject that the student was not registered for.
  3. Errors in the grade report.
  4. The grade shown does not match the grade calculated from the actual marks received on exams and/or reports.

The grade inquiry process is not an appeal process for negotiating higher grades. The Academic Office will not respond to inquiries concerning the details of an evaluation. However, students who are able to prove that their grade is clearly incorrect may make a formal inquiry.

When you make an inquiry, you are fully responsible for the content of your inquiry form. If any false information is found, all your inquiries will be invalidated.

Note : Inquiries will only be accepted ONCE for each subject. Even if you notice a mistake in your application after it has been turned in it cannot be corrected or resubmitted, so please make sure your application is free of errors before you submit it. Student Grade Inquiries will NOT be accepted in any of the following cases:

  • Applications that do not meet the minimum word count.
  • Applications that do not give specific evidence based on the syllabus or grade comments. Be as specific as possible and give detailed reasons for your grade inquiry. Specific evidence of the inquiry such as mid-term exam scores must be submitted attached to the inquiry email. Any evidence submitted separately will not be accepted.
    ・Inquiries which do not show the student has read the grade comments, or applications which state the student has read the comments even though none are available, will be rejected.
    Grade comments can be found here.
  • Applications filled in using a different language from the subject's language of instruction. Please use the application form that matches your course language. Click here to confirm the language of the courses.
  • Applications that have not been filled in fully or applications that contain false information.
  • Applications that were received outside the application period (last day, by 12:00:00 noon Japan Time). Please check the dates above. Only applications received by the Academic Office’s designated email account by the deadline (last day, by 12:00:00 noon Japan Time) will be considered valid applications. Even if the sender’s email account shows that the application was sent by the deadline, if the Academic Office email account shows it received after the deadline, the application will be invalid. Be sure to leave enough time to submit applications to the Office before the deadline.
  • Applications that are sent directly to the instructors.
  • Applications that do not use the 2021 Spring semester application form.
  • Applications that are unreadable/unopenable due to file format problems. Do not change the application file extension (.xls).
  • The Inquiry Form is in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format. Please use Microsoft Excel to fill out or edit the form and save it in (.xls) or (.xlsx) format. If you use other software or change the file format and the Academic Office cannot properly view the file, your inquiry will be rejected.
  • Inquiry forms which cannot be read fully when printed off will be rejected. Follow the word / character limits and make sure your file can be viewed properly before submitting your inquiry.
  • If you have any questions please contact the Academic Office BEFORE submitting your inquiry. However, even if you contact the office the deadline will not be extended.

Please note the following:
※Grade Inquiry results will be sent to your APU email address, so be sure to check your APU email.
※All grade inquiry results are final. Any requests regarding re-evaluation of inquiry results will not be accepted.
※The Academic Office may try to contact you regarding your application. Please be prepared to reply to email inquiries or inquiries via phone.
※You must read and understand the Details about grade inquiry (PDF).
※All grade inquiry applicants are considered to have read and understand all grade inquiry information, and accept all these conditions.

Grade Inquiry Process

① Student grades released and grade comments uploaded
② Student submits form to the Academic Office
(Student → Academic Office)
③ Academic Office sends forms to the individual instructors
(Academic Office → Instructor)
④ Individual Response to Students
(Instructor → Student)

First, all application forms are checked at the Academic Office to make sure all information on the form is accurate and complete. After this check, the application form is sent to the course instructor for review.

After the submission of the application to the Academic Office you will receive an auto-reply email. However, the auto-reply is sent only ONCE to each email address. Even if you submit 2 different applications for 2 different subjects, an auto-reply will be sent for the first application only. You will not receive an auto reply for the second application.

After the application period ends we will notify you of the results of your inquiry via email. These emails will be sent to your APU email account, so please check it regularly.

Registration priority for the 2021 Fall Semester is determined by your GPA on September 1, 2021, (Students Eligible for Graduation Assessment) or September 13, 2021 (for all other students). Please note, even if your grade is changed after these dates due to the results of the inquiry, there will be no change in your registration priority.

If your grade is changed as a result of a grade inquiry, barring any unusual circumstances, the results will be reflected on your official transcript after course registration period B.

All reference files are here:

Details about grade inquiry (PDF)
Grade Inquiry Form (Excel)
Course Language List (Excel)

Must submit to:
*Please check the address carefully! Inquiries submitted to other email addresses will be rejected.

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