This page is applicable to 2017 curriculum undergraduate students

Language Class Attendance Rules

Starting from 2010 Spring Semester, the following rules concerning class attendance will apply to all language education subjects (English, Japanese, AP languages). In addition, each class may have special rules concerning attendance. Please be sure to confirm these in each course syllabus.


Please attend all classes. If circumstances require your absence, you will still be required to attend at least 3/4 of the classes (including regular class days and final exam). If you do not attend this number of classes, you will automatically receive a failing (F) grade for the course.


If you are not present at the time class attendance is taken, you will not be counted present. However, absences may be excused in the following cases:

  • Contraction of an infectious disease (as recognized by Japanese School Health Law): Students must apply to the APU Academic Office with the required documentation in order to have their absences from class excused for this reason.
  • University-authorized leave of absence: In this case students must apply to the relevant APU office (i.e. Academic Office, Student Office, Career Office) for a leave of absence. The office will then notify teachers directly.

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