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English Language

Students who enter APU on a Japanese basis focus on English language studies in order to improve English ability. With individuals from around the world gathering at APU, the campus is an ideal environment for students to strengthen their English language skills. Newly enrolled Japanese-basis students complete a placement test, the results of which determines the beginning English language subject.

APU strongly encourages students to use the TOEFL ITP® Test and TOEIC ® Listening and Reading tests held on campus as an opportunity to evaluate one's own English skills. Students may also choose to further develop their language skills by participating in short-term language immersion programs held over the summer break, or semester and year-long study abroad programs. We hope you will take advantage of these programs to realize your English language potential.

For details of English language subjects refer to the Undergraduate Academic Handbook.

Registration of English language subjects by English-basis students

English-basis students who wish to register for English courses may take English courses at the “Advanced Track” level.

Registration of Advanced English 1A・1B
 Only students with a TOEFL ITP® Test score between 500 to 524 may apply. Application will not be accepted under the following circumstances;

  • If a student does not possess a valid TOEFL ITP® Test score.
  • If a student’s TOEFL ITP® Test score has been expired.

 Students who wish to register must submit a TOEFL ITP® Test score sheet in the preceding semester which they wish to take the course. Students may register for these courses by themselves during Course Registration Period B only if there are places available.

*Registration becomes possible from a student’s 2nd semester.

<Application Schedule for Registration of Advanced English 1A・1B by English-basis students>

AY 2022 Spring Semester Applications AY 2022 Fall Semester Applications
July 6 – July 20, 2022 January 12 – January 24, 2023
Semester of Registration AY 2022 Fall Semester AY 2023 Spring Semester

Registration of Advanced English 2A・2B or Languages for Specific Purposes in Advanced Track
 Students may register for these course by themselves during Course Registration Period B only if there are places available.

Please refer to the Campus Terminal for details during the designated days.

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