English Language Subject Exemption (2011 Curriculum)

For students at APU it is a graduation requirement to take mandatory language subjects in one's non-basis language. The starting level of these mandatory language courses is determined by the placement test taken at the time of enrollment. In the following instances, however, it is possible for AY 2011 Curriculum students to apply for exemption for English classes.

Application Criteria
  • Must be "studying abroad" or taking a "leave of absence" at the time of application
  • Must have received a score for a university-designated language proficiency exam while studying abroad or taking a leave of absence, and must be able to submit the application for exemption one semester before returning to the university
Exemption Criteria
English Course Subject Name Exemption Criteria
Standard Track Elementary English A & B 37
Pre-Intermediate English A & B 48
Intermediate English A & B 55
Upper-Intermediate A & B 61
Advanced Track Advanced English 1A & 1B 70
Advanced English 2A & 2B 80
  • Only TOEFL/IBT scores are valid. TOEFL/PBT, TOEFL/ITP and TOEFL/CBT scores may not be used.
Application Schedule
Application Period Interview date Exemption takes effect
AY 2021 Spring Semester Applications
July 5(Mon.) – August 26(Thu.), 2021 at 16:30
September 1(Wed.) - September 3(Fri.), 2021 AY 2021 Fall Semester
AY 2021 Fall Semester Applications
January 10(Mon.) - February 25(Fri.), 2022 at 16:30
March 2(Wed.) - March 4(Fri.), 2022 AY 2022 Spring Semester
Application Method

The 2021 Spring Semester will accept applications online. The screening will be judged comprehensively based on the interview.

  1. Enter the required information in the application form below and submit it by the application deadline
    • Course exemption online application form
    • Please submit the photo of the score sheet (within the expiration/validated date) through the form above. You may need to submit the original document at a later date, so please keep it at hand.
  2. Attend the Interview
Score Sheet

An "original score sheet (The score within the validated period.)" is a certificate or report from a testing organization which shows an evaluation of language ability. This must be printed by the testing organization itself, and downloaded documents will not be accepted. Please note that the testing organizations may require several days in order to reissue score sheets, therefore we ask that you apply well in advance when an additional certificate is needed.


In the event you are unable to attend the interview, your application will be invalidated. Please be sure to arrange your schedule to allow your attendance.

Important Notes

In principle, students cannot cancel the application after taking the exemption test.
Also, please note that the exemption application will be invalid or will not be considered in the following cases.

  • The application is incomplete or incorrect.
  • Application documents are not submitted or do not arrive by the deadline.
  • If the online submitted certificate, such as a qualification exam score sheet, is unclear, or if the original document cannot be submitted when requested by the office.
  • The test score is not one of the specified qualifications for exemption.
  • The score was not attained during "study abroad" or while taking a "leave of absence" [Only for students who are applying for exemption while they are studying abroad or are taking a leave of absence].
  • The student does not attend the interview on the specified day (regardless of the reason).

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