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Undergraduate Seminar Courses (for the 3rd & 4th year)

Seminar courses are held in small groups. In addition, students can choose seminar courses from the syllabus and deepen their learning on a topic of their interest. In fourth-year seminars, students write a graduation thesis, which is the culmination of four years of study. Seminars are not compulsory for students. Therefore, in order to take a seminar, you must: 1. Choose a seminar of your choice, 2. Interview with the faculty member in charge, 3. Go through the application process, and pass a screening test for new acceptance. The procedures and systems for seminar course registration are complicated in order to be flexible in its ability to meet the needs of students at various stages of their studies. For this reason, it is very important to understand the basics of seminar courses.

● What are 3rd Year Seminars?

Any students interested in advancing to graduate study or finding employment in Japan are strongly encouraged to register for a small-group 3rd year seminar. Although the contents of each individual seminar vary greatly, the main aim of all 3rd year seminars is the same: deepen understanding of a specific field through case studies, journal articles and debate, and master the specialized knowledge and skills necessary for writing an undergraduate thesis.

Grade Evaluation
Major Seminar I/II: Regular grading (A+, A, B, C, or F)

The main aim of the APS Major Seminar is to deepen students’ academic understanding of specific economic social issues, including the background and the structure of those issues, affecting the Asia Pacific region through research and discussion. Students also write academic reports on a chosen topic, which is essential training for further studies. The main fields are ″Environment & Development,″ ″Hospitality & Tourism,″ ″International Relations & Peace Studies″ and ″Culture, Society & Media.″ During their studies, students will further develop the fundamental research methods they acquired during their first two years and deepen their knowledge through analyzing a range of information. Some students may also take part in surveys, interviews or fieldwork in Japan or overseas.

In the APM Major Seminar, students study actual cases to learn about corporate behavior and the business environment. Discussions are held during classes on topics such as accounting and finance, marketing, strategic management and organization, and innovation and economics. To build up their basic knowledge, students will first research a topic designated by the instructor, and then discuss that topic in class. Students later select their own individual topic to research.

● What are 4th Year Seminars?

4th year seminars form the culmination of students’ four years of study at APU. This highly specialized subject allows students to select a topic of interest and conduct focused research over a one-year period.

Students take Research Seminar (2 credits) in the first half of their 4th year. Students who successfully pass this subject are then able to take Undergraduate Thesis (4 credits) the following semester. Only students who pass Research Seminar are able to register for Undergraduate Thesis.

Grade Evaluation
Research Seminar: Pass (P) / Fail (F)
Undergraduate Thesis: Regular grading (A+, A, B, C, or F)

AY 2023 Spring Semester =Whole Image= of Seminar System and New Application

”AY 2023 Spring Seminar System and New Application”(PDF)

Seminar System and New Application =Detail=
Recruitment information 3rd Year Seminar (PDF) 4th Year Seminar (PDF)
Class・Syllabus list

Regular Pattern & for Students Returning from AOL/Exchange Program
APS Seminar Course List(PDF)
APM Seminar Course List(PDF)

For Students who are Re-enrolling, Transferring to APU, &
Exchange Students (from RU, domestic or international universities)

APS Seminar Course List(PDF)
APM Seminar Course List(PDF)

*To view the syllabus, click on the symbol beside the instructor name
*The class schedule for 3rd-year seminar ('Major Seminar I/II') on the Syllabus System is set to ‘3rd period Saturday’ by default.
Please be informed that this is a “dummy” schedule.
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Application Schedule
Regular Pattern & for Students Returning from AOL/Exchange Program
Consultation Period: Wed, 2nd Nov, 2022 – Wed, 14th Dec, 2022
Application Period: Wed, 30th Nov, 2022 – 16:30 (JST), Wed, 14th Dec, 2022
Announcement of Screening Result: Wed, 25th Jan, 2023
For Students who are Re-enrolling, Transferring to APU, &
Exchange Students (from RU, domestic or international universities)

Consultation Period: ~ Wed, 8th Feb, 2023
Application Period: Wed, 25th Jan, 2023 – 16:30 (JST) Wed, 8th Feb, 2023
Announcement of Screening Result: Late February*Announced by email from the Academic Office
*This refers only to students who will be in APU from Spring 2023; students who came to APU in 2022 Fall or before will be treated as regular students
How to Apply via manaba Application Procedure (PDF)
Cancelling/Changing Seminars How to Cancel/Change Seminars (PDF)
For Irregular Patterns etc. For students enrolled in the Accelerated Graduation Program (PDF)
For Students about to go on an Exchange Program (PDF)
For students currently participating in an exchange program (PDF)
For students scheduled for exchange in the 7th semester (Consent Form) (Word)
To 2022 Fall Semester Returning Students(PDF)
To Students Planning to Take a Leave of Absence (PDF)
For students considering a college transfer (PDF)
New Application for Transfer and Inbound Exchange Students (PDF)
To 2020 Fall Semester Reenrolling Students (PDF)Download Application (Word)
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (PDF)

Screening Result AY 2022 Fall Semester

Screening Result for AY 2022 Fall Semester

3rd Year Seminar -APS (PDF)
3rd Year Seminar -APM- (PDF)
4th Year Seminar (PDF)

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