Seminar Subjects: 3rd and 4th Year Seminar FAQ

Q. What if I do not want to take a 3rd year seminar class?

A. APU places great emphasis on the 3rd year seminar classes as they are a vital preparatory element for 4th year research seminar. Although there is no specific credit requirement for seminar subjects in order to graduate, APU stresses the benefits of taking seminar subjects.

You may also be interested to note that students who take seminar subjects are more likely to receive offers of employment.

Q. Can an APS student take a seminar class with an APM instructor or vice versa?

A. You may only select a main seminar class from within your own college. However, you may take a sub-seminar class with an instructor from either college.

Q. What is a sub seminar? When and how can I apply?

A. Students taking 3rd year seminars may choose to take an extra seminar class during their third year (from either college). This second seminar is called a "sub seminar". Students are able to apply for a sub seminar only after they have been accepted for their main seminar. The application schedule and other details are shown in the How to Apply section. Please note that if your main and sub seminar times clash, your main seminar will be given priority.

In order to apply for a sub seminar,

  • there must be vacancies in the sub seminar class,
  • both your main and sub seminar instructors must give their permission, and
  • the timetables must not clash.
Q. I am currently taking Prof. **'s seminar and I wish to continue under this seminar next semester. Do I need to submit any application forms?

A. No. The University recommends students take seminar courses continuously during the 2 years they are offered. Therefore, after applying for and being accepted to a seminar, that instructor's seminars will continue to be automatically registered each semester through "Undergraduate Thesis" in your final semester.

In the case a seminar is cancelled due to a study abroad or leave of absence, it will not be automatically registered. Also, please note that sub-seminars must be applied for each semester, and are not automatically registered.

Q. I am thinking of changing my seminar. What do I need to do?

A. First, cancel your current seminar course, then submit a "new seminar application." A list of available courses is available from the Academic Office website.

Q. Will sub-seminar courses be automatically registered as well?

A. No. Sub-seminars will not be registered automatically. An application must be submitted each semester to register for sub-seminar courses (3rd year only).

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