Seminar for Accelerated Graduation Program

For students enrolled in the accelerated graduation program, the registration of seminar subjects (3rd and 4th year) will differ from that of normal students. In particular, students planning to graduate in their 6th semester will write and submit an undergraduate thesis in just one year. You may begin writing your thesis during your third-year seminar, with the assistance and guidance of your instructor.

Accelerated Program students should refer to the following chart for information on registering 3rd and 4th year seminars.

Period Registration Details Application Period
6th Semester Graduation Registration of Major Seminar, Research Seminar and Undergraduate Thesis in 6th Semester (Total 8 credits) Applications will be accepted during the regular application period. For students who do not obtain credits for Research Seminar or Undergraduate Thesis in their 6th or 7th semester, the University will register these subjects again the following semester.
7th Semester Graduation Registration of Research Seminar and Undergraduate Thesis in 7th Semester (Total 6 credits)

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