Seminar for Exchange Students

Please refer to the table below regarding taking seminar courses during or after exchange programs.
Please note that it will be explained in the guidance before departure.

Period Registration for
Seminar Courses
Registration After the Program
Exchange in
the 5th & 6th
Seminar courses for 5 & 6 semester cannot be taken while on exchange. Students who wish to take a seminar course from their 7th semester are required to apply on the designated application period during the 6th semester.
Exchange in
the 6th & 7th
Students who wish to take the 8th semester seminar courses after returning to APU will have to receive remote instruction to be registered for the 7th semester seminar courses. In this case, submission of "Provision of Remote Instruction" form is required by the final date of the session period in the 6th semester. Please consult with your seminar instructor and receive their agreement beforehand. Those who have taken the seminar courses for 5th semester need to cancel the courses during the designated cancellation period before leaving for exchange. There is no need to re-apply when resuming the seminar course in returning to APU. *Please note that completion of the 7th semester seminar course, Graduation Research I/Research Seminar, is required to take Graduation Research II/Undergraduate Thesis.

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