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Use the readers to not only understand English as it is written, but to learn how to read quickly.  By using the readers to acquire proper English reading methods, you can improve your listening, speaking and vocabulary in addition to your reading skills. We recommend the National Geographic readers to students in Elementary English to Pre-Intermediate English classes who find TOEFL reading difficult. This series has eight levels and, like the TOEFL reading questions, the content is all non-fiction. You can test your reading comprehension with the reading questions that accompany each volume.

National Geographic Readers

These are recommended to students in beginner through pre-advanced English classes who feel they are having difficulty with TOEFL readings. These reader series (8 levels) feature non-fiction topics, just like the TOEFL. These, along with the separate problems, can be used to improve your reading ability. 

TOEFL Practice Books

There are practice problems for every level from beginner to advanced. If you are not sure which book to start with, talk to an English PA.

TOEIC Practice Books

There is a wide selection of TOEIC practice books that detail problem-solving tips for each section and score level. TOEIC is an essential test for students who are job hunting in Japan. Why not use the SALC to thoroughly prepare yourself in advance?

Materials to Improve Your English

The SALC has a wide range of study materials to help you improve your English proficiency, including junior and senior high school English review books and materials to improve your listening, conversation and writing skills. Consult with a Peer Advisor on the skills you want to work on and the materials you should use.

Speed Reading Sheets

Do you have trouble reading English quickly? SALC's Speed Reading Sheets use simple English vocabulary so you can learn how to speed read easily. 

TOEFL Vocabulary Tests

The more TOEFL vocabulary you learn, the easier listening and reading will become. Test yourself at your own pace and remember every little bit of effort counts!

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