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Overseas Short-Term Summer / Winter Programs

Program Overview
  • You can participate in curricular summer/winter programs offered at APU’s partner universities.
  • In principle, you will be required to pay program fees.
  • All credits acquired during the exchange period will be reviewed by each college and the Division of Academic Affairs. If approved, these credits will be counted towards the student’s graduation at APU.
  • Because many summer/winter programs center on intensive courses in English, you must possess a high level of English proficiency prior to participation.
  • In the event you participate in the program in person, in addition to attending all of the host university’s classes, you must actively participate in class activities. Studying and living abroad is an invaluable experience. However, it can also be difficult and stressful. In principle, you are responsible for dealing with any problems you might experience abroad on your own. We expect you to have a keen awareness of your surroundings and the ability to act responsibly to avoid any dangerous situations.
Recommended Programs

Yonsei University (Korea) website APS APM

Period December 27, 2021 – January 14, 2022
Fees Application Fee KRW 100,000
Session1: 1 course KRW 1,600,000
Session1: 2 courses KRW 2,800,000
Session1: 3 courses KRW 3,600,000
Contents (3 credits per course)
General Studies, Korean Language, Korean Studies, Management & Economics, Social Sciences

Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico) Website APS APM

Period January 10 – February 4, 2022
Fees USD 3,600
Contents (3 credits per course)
Culture and Identity
Global Business

Neoma Business School (France) website APM

Period January 3 – 21, 2022
Fees Online EUR 950
Contents (2 credits per course)
Sports Management
Managing Major Sporting Events
Sports Sponsorship and Marketing
Business Game Football Club CEO
Virtual visit of Stade Delaune and videoconferences with major actors in sport management

KEDGE Business School (France) Website APM

Period January 10 – January 22, 2022
Fees EUR 500 (or EUR 900 for 2 courses)
Contents (2 credits per course)
Business analytics & intelligence
Creating customer value with disruptive technologies

There are many other programs in addition to the ones listed above.
For more information, please see the list under “List of Programs”

List of Programsfacebookのバナー

2021 Overseas Short-Term Winter Programs (PDF / XLSX) (Updated October 15, 2021)

(For reference) 2021 Overseas Short-Term Summer Programs (PDF / XLSX) (application closed)

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