This page is applicable to 2017 curriculum undergraduate students

Independently Arranged Study Abroad

If you decide to study abroad independently, in other words, at an institution anywhere in the world that APU does not have an Exchange Agreement with, it is up to you to take the initiative, find the course etc. you are looking for, apply and make all necessary arrangements by yourself. APU will assist you in establishing your student status in one of the following two ways: 

Study Abroad Status

If you wish to study abroad, independently from an APU-sponsored study abroad program, and you have been accepted to study abroad in regular courses (degree programs) at an overseas institution, you may apply to the university to approve your official status as Study abroad


You will need to pay both APU tuition and tuition and fees as required by the overseas institution.


All expenses are the responsibility of the individual.


Your student record will show the status of Study abroad,・and included as part of your period of matriculation, so that it will still be possible to graduate in four years. However, this will only apply if you take courses within the overseas institutions' regular curriculum, i.e. not an adjunct curriculum offered by that university such as an overseas language seminar.

Length of Study Abroad

Up to a maximum of one year (two semesters). It is not intended that students graduate from the host institution.

APU International Students who wish to re-enter Japan after study abroad will need to re-apply for a student visa.

Application Process

Student must be solely responsible for their individual application and make all other arrangements on their own.

Internal Procedures at APU

1)  Please come to the Academic Office for consultation with materials covering basic course information, university overview, curriculum etc. at the latest four months before proposed departure.

2)  You will be required to fill in prescribed forms and submit them to the Academic Office. APU will decide if the course is suitable to be regarded as an independent Study Abroad program.

Study abroad with Leave of Absence

This applies when it is appropriate to take a LOA (Leave of Absence) to participate in overseas language programs etc. during semester time. When you take a LOA, you temporarily lose your status as a university student but do not lose your enrollment at APU. In addition, it is not possible to recognize the credits taken at another university during a LOA. However, although APU will not authorize credits, language exemptions may be applied for. Also note, if on LOA it is not necessary to pay APU tuition, but a continuing matriculation fee will be required (see table below). A LOA is not required for programs during winter/summer sessions.

  Student Exchange Programs Independent Study Abroad Overseas Language Seminars with LOA
Student  Status Study Abroad Study Abroad Leave of Absence (LOA)
Tuition APU Tuition A APU Tuition A +Tuition and fees for host institution Maintain matriculation fee (5,000 per semester)
 + Tuition and fees for host institution
Credit Transfer Subject to approval
(Credit transfer fee will be payable)
Subject to approval
(Credit transfer fee will be payable)

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