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AP Language Immersion Program

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Scheduled Programs (Tentative) *The AY2021 Summer Program will be held Online.

Language Host University Period/Duration Credits Fee
Chinese Dongbei University of Finance and Economics Summer/ 8/16~9/3 2 (Online) Approx.
40,000 JPY
Korean Korea University Winter/ 5wks 4 Approx.
300,000 JPY
Korean Busan University of Foreign Studies Summer/ 8/6~9/17 2 (Online) Approx.
90,000 JPY
Malay/Indonesian STBA LIA Winter/ 5wks 4 Approx. 340,000 JPY
Thai ChiangMai University Winter/ 5wks 4 Approx. 310,000 JPY
Spanish National Autonomous University of Mexico Winter/ 5wks 4 Approx. 520,000 JPY
Vietnamese Ton Duc Thang University Summer/ 8/9~9/3 2 (Online) Approx.
60,000 JPY

*The dates on the table indicate the program period. Pre / Post program will be held outside of the stated period. Please refer to the syllabus of each program for more detailed information.

*The period (season) which the program will be conducted in may change depending on the year

※Note for Overseas Dispatch Programs

  • The fee includes: Class fee, field trips, accommodation, airfare, on-site airport transportation
  • The fee does not include: immunization fee, visa application and related fees, transportation to and from domestic airport in Japan, local transportation fee, accommodation fees for the day before departure or after arrival in Japan, meals, local transportation and miscellaneous expenses.
    *For some courses, course materials have to be purchased upon arrival. Please check the Application Handbook for more information.

Students Voice

Steps to Apply

▼ Application~Preparation for Departure

Step Flow Dates/ Deadlines Details
1 Check Application Hand Book and Syllabus
Check Application Hand Book and syllabus in advance to learn the details of each program.
April-May July-September Please check Application Hand Book and Syllabus attached in “Syllabus & Application Hand Book”, below.
2 Attend Recruiting Guidance Session (Voluntary participation)
You can learn the program details from faculties in charge of each language.
*Date will be announced on Campus terminal once it’s decided.
5/19 Mid-Late
3 Apply
Apply from the online survey. Applications after the application period will not be valid. Please make sure to submit the survey before the deadline.
5/6~6/20 Mid-Late
4 Submit the Pledge
All applicant have to submit the pledge. Please prepare it with time since you will have to ask your guardian to sign the pledge.
5 Interview Screening
Interview schedule will be announced to applicants via Campus Terminal.
6/23​ Early-October
6 Program Fee Payment
Details will be announced to participants via Campus Terminal.
Late-June Early-November
7 Participants Guidance Session
It is a very important guidance session. Please make sure to attend.
Mid-July Mid-November
8 Other Payments
Other payments will be announced on manaba. Please make sure to deposit by the deadline.

▲ Application~Preparation for Departure

▼ Pre-departure Class~On-site Program

Step Flow Dates/ Deadlines Details
9 Pre-departure Classes
Your opportunity to learn basic but important information before departure.
Please check syllabus for details.
10 Pre-departure Guidance Session
Last guidance session before departure. Important documents such as E-ticket will be distributed. Make sure to attend.
11 On-site Program
Immerse yourself! Learn the most you can from the local people and culture.

▲ Pre-departure Class~On-site Program

▼ After On-site Program

Step Flow Dates/ Deadlines Details
Summer Winter
12 Post-program Class
It is an important class to sum up your studies. Make sure to attend.
September March Please check syllabus for details.
13 Check your grade
Grade will be released in Course Registration Period 2.
Mid-October Mid-June

▲ After On-site Program

Syllabus & Application Hand Book

Syllabus Application Hand Book
Chinese (PDF)
Korean (Busan University of Foreign Studies) (PDF)
Vietnamese (PDF)
Korean (Korea University) *In preparation

*Syllabi and Application hand book will be available just before the recruiting period start.

FAQ for Overseas Dispatch Programs

Q1. Is there any application requirement?
A. The requirement differs depending on program. Please check the application handbook. Most of the programs are opened to students who have never studied the language.
Q2. Is it mandatory to participate to the Recruiting Guidance Session?
A. It is not mandatory to attend the Recruiting Guidance Session but we strongly recommend you to participate because it is a good opportunity to learn about the program from the faculty in charged and you can also listen to experiences from participants of the previous program.
Q3. How can I apply to the program?
A. Please apply from the application survey during the application period. After submitting the survey, please make sure to submit the pledge to the Academic office. Please check the “Steps to Apply” for more details.
Q4. Can I submit a copy of the pledge?
A. We do not accept any copy except the original pledge actually sighed by participants and their guardians. If parents/ guardians are living overseas, please ask them to send the original pledge by mail.
Q5. When is the deadline of program fee payment?
A. Program participants will be asked to deposit the program fee after the interview screening result is announced and before the Recruiting Guidance Session. Details will be announced in the message for participants.
For other fees such as airfare, visa application fee, insurance fee, participants will be asked to deposit by early June (for summer program) and early December (for winter program). Details will be announced to program participant.
Credits and Classes
Q6. When the credits of the program will be awarded?
A. Credits will be awarded in the Course Correction Period in November (Summer program) and June (Winter program). Subjects will be graded as the semester course of the semester you applied to the program.
Q7. When pre-departure classes start?
A. Pre-departure classes will start in Q2. Please check the syllabus for class schedule.
Q8. Are pre-departure classes and post-program classes mandatory to attend?
A. All pre-departure classes and post-program classes are regular curriculum classes. Please attend to all classes.
Preparation for the Departure
Q9. Until when should I obtain a passport? For how long do I need the period of time remaining?
A. Please apply for the passport or renew it the soonest possible. Especially those who need to obtain a visa, you will need to have a passport before applying for a visa. Many countries require you to have a certain period of time remaining on your passport (often 6 months) before they will issue a visa. If your passport will expire before the required period, please renew it immediately.
Q10. Do I need a visa? How should I prepare for it?
A. Whether you need to obtain a visa or not differs depending on the host country and your nationality. We will inform you if you need to apply for a visa. APU will prepare for proxy application. In case proxy application is not accepted, you will be asked to apply for a visa by yourself.
Q11. Are we allowed to arrive to the host country before program start or leave there earlier?
A. APU will reserve your flight ticket as a group. Traveling out of the schedule is not permitted. Participants will gather and dismiss at the departure airport in Japan.


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AP Language Immersion Program

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