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Changes to the Graduation Ceremony are shown in red below.

In addition, if you plan to attend the graduation ceremony a list of rules and requests have been posted here.
PLEASE be sure to read this as well.

~To all March 2021 Graduates~

Due to the ongoing worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, it has been decided to hold the spring semester degree conferral ceremony scheduled for March 19, 2021 both online via Zoom and in-person, in a hybrid-style ceremony by each college.
In previous years the ceremony was held at B-con Plaza, but in order to give everyone an opportunity to return to the memory-filled campus that they have been separated from due to COVID-19, this time the ceremony will be held in APU’s Millennium Hall.

If you choose to participate via Zoom, your face may be shown on the screen during the ceremony. We hope that everyone will actively participate and make this an exciting and lively ceremony.
As in previous years, the ceremony will be streamed live via Facebook Live and YouTube Live (prior application not required, viewable by anyone).

We are also preparing the content of the ceremony so it can be enjoyed online or in-person. We are looking forward to celebrating this important step up to the next stage in your lives with you all.

Important information about the degree conferral ceremony is shown below, so please read it carefully to the end.

1. Degree Conferral Ceremony Details

① Format: Online and In-Person, Hybrid-style (Prior Application Required)
② Venue: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Millennium Hall
③ Date: Friday, March 19, 2021 
④ Time: See Below
College / Graduate School (Part 1)
(Part 2)
Time 11:00 Venue Opens
12:00 Opening Ceremony
~13:00 Closing Ceremony
14:30 Venue Opens
15:30 Opening Ceremony
~16:30 Closing Ceremony

※Diplomas will be distributed before the ceremony (details to be announced at 2.Diplomas). You will need to show your diploma to enter the venue, so please make sure to pick up your diploma before going to Millennium Hall.

※Based on the results the in-person participation survey, it has been decided to hold the Graduate Schools Ceremonies Together in Part 2.

⑤ How to Participate:

a. Attend Online via Zoom → Complete steps 1 – 3 in Section 3 (Procedures)
b. Attend In-Person → Complete steps 1 – 3 in Section 3 (Procedures)
c. View Livestream (Facebook Live or You Tube Live) or will not attend → Complete step 1 in Section 3 (Procedures)

⑥ Special website for graduates:

The website will go live on Monday, March 1, 2021. We ask for your patience until the site is live.
URL: https://en.apu.ac.jp/home/graduation2021spring/

  • Based on the status of infections the in-person part of the ceremony may be cancelled at the last minute and the ceremony may be held online-only.
  • The university will not be responsible for any cancellation fees for plane tickets, accommodations, or so on in the event the in-person ceremony is cancelled.
  • Only March 2021 graduates are eligible to participate in the ceremony, either in-person or via Zoom (prior application required).
  • We ask that those who will participate via Zoom wear APU red colored clothes or traditional cultural clothing (if you have it) to bring a sense of unity to the ceremony. We deeply appreciate your cooperation.
  • Only graduates are eligible to participate in the ceremony either in person or on Zoom (prior application required). Parents, guardians, and current students should refrain from entering the venue or attending via Zoom.

2. Diploma, etc.

Attend Online / Not Attend: Your diploma will be mailed to you after the graduation ceremony.
In-Person Attendees: Distributed before the ceremony. You will need to show your diploma to enter the venue, so please make sure to pick up your diploma before going to Millennium Hall.
※As it is possible the ceremony will suddenly be changed to online-only, both online attendees and in-person attendees must carry out the procedures in steps 1 – 3 of section 3 (Procedures) below.
※If the ceremony is made online-only, diplomas will be mailed out in order starting the day of the ceremony.
[Approximate Arrival Dates]
In Japan:1 – 3 days later (However, may take up to a week to arrive for addresses in Hokkaido or on Outlying Islands)
Outside of Japan: Approx. 2 weeks later

[For Everyone]
① Items to be Distributed / Mailed
  • Diploma (1 copy)
  • Certificate of Graduation/Completion (Japanese and English, 2 copies each)
  • Grade Transcript (Japanese and English, 2 copies each)
  • Graduation Souvenirs
  • Division / Specialization Certificate (Japanese and English, 2 copies each)
    ※Grad students only, limited to those who meet the requirements.
② For those who need additional copies of the Graduation Certificate / Transcript in English or Japanese

Please read the information on the certificates page here before applying.
※Your name will be printed on your diploma as shown in the university’s student records. If you wish to change the name, please apply through the Student Office by 16:30 on Friday, March 5. We are unable to accommodate requests sent after this time.

[Those who will Attend In-Person]

Diplomas will be distributed as outlined below. Please be sure to bring your student ID card to provide your identity.
※ Diplomas for each college will not be available for pick-up outside of the times shown below. If you do not pick up your diploma at the scheduled time it will be sent to you by postal mail within a few days. Diplomas may take up to two weeks to arrive. (Overseas mailing)

College Time Venue
APS 10:00 - 11:30 APU Gym
APM 13:30 - 15:00
GSA/GSM 14:00 - 15:00 APU Bldg. EII 2nd floor, Multipurpose Hall
[Those who will Attend Online / Not Attend]

Materials will be mailed out in order starting the day of the degree conferral ceremony, Friday, March 19.

  • Will be mailed to domestic addresses via Sagawa Express and international addresses via DHL.
  • All shipping costs for the diploma, certificates, etc. will be borne by the university.

3. Procedures

All those who plan to graduate should carry out the procedures below. Please read the information carefully and follow the correct steps. ※All times are shown in Japan Standard Time (JST).

a. Attend Online via Zoom → Complete steps 1 – 3 in Section 3 (Procedures)
b. Attend In-Person → Complete steps 1 – 3 in Section 3 (Procedures)
c. View Livestream (Facebook Live or You Tube Live) or will not attendComplete step 1 in Section 3 (Procedures)

Step Date Content Procedure
(1) Thurs, Jan 28 afternoon – Wed, Feb 17, noon
※Deadline has Passed
Fill out Survey*Required
(Attendance, Diploma Shipping Address, etc.)
Find the email sent to your APU email address titled [IMPORTANT] March 2021 Degree Conferral Ceremony and Sending of Diplomas and fill out the attached survey.
(2) Mon, Feb 22 -
Wed, March 3 (noon)
Zoom Registration
Find the email from the university titled [IMPORTANT] March 2021 Degree Conferral Ceremony Request for Zoom Pre-Registration and register.
※As it is possible the ceremony may be moved online-only, we recommend those who plan to attend in-person also pre-register.
(3) -Fri, March 5 Ceremony attendance Zoom URLs sent out
*(2)Only to those who registered in step 2
Those who completed their Zoom Pre-registration by the deadline will receive a personal link to attend the ceremony.
※If you do not receive your link by Friday, March 5 please contact us at gradteam@apu.ac.jp.(Please also confirm your spam mail box.)
(4) Day of Graduation Ceremony
Fri, March 19
Diplomas Distributed / Mailed Online participants / absentees: Diplomas will be mailed out in order after the ceremony.
In-person participants: Diplomas can be picked up before the start of the ceremony.

4. Preventative Measures Against COVID-19

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, please check the following information before attending the degree conferral ceremony and be sure to take thorough preventative measures.

[At the Ceremony]
  • You must wear a mask. If you do not wear a mask you will not be permitted to enter the venue.
  • Please take your temperature before coming to campus. If you have a fever of 37.5℃ or above you will not be permitted to attend the ceremony.
  • Please install the COVID-19 Contact Tracking Application (COCOA, from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) on your smartphone or other device. We will check whether you have installed the app when you enter the venue.
    COCOA Homepage: https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/seisakunitsuite/bunya/cocoa_00138.html
[How to Come to Campus]
  • It is expected that buses will be quite crowded just before the start of the ceremony, so please ensure to leave with plenty of time.
  • Please consider using not only Oita Kotsu buses but also Kamenoi bus service.
  • It is possible to come to campus by private car.
  • Please refrain from coming to campus in large groups.
[After the Degree Conferral Ceremony]
  • After the ceremony please refrain from gathering in large groups for social gatherings with eating and drinking, such as parties or dinners.
  • Please refrain from taking your mask off and speaking.
[Cafeteria Opening Time]

Opening Time:11:00~14:00
*Eating in groups for a prolonged period of time increases the risk of infection. We kindly ask you to have your meals in a quiet manner and promptly leave after you finish.

Academic Achievement Award and Undergraduate/Graduate Theses Award Recipients

These students will have their names listed on the special website for graduates.
The award certificates will be given to recipients along with their diplomas.

Completion of Honors Program (HPGC)

The Student Office will notify the applicable students. These students will have their names listed on the special website for graduates.

Procedure Checklist for Graduating Students

After graduation you must carry out various procedures before leaving Beppu. Please make sure you have enough time to complete them. Click HERE for details (Student Office Website).

Topic Contact
Gown Rental
Co-op Deposit Refunds
Co-Op TEL: 0977-78-1171
(Reception time)* There might be a change in schedule.
Thursday, March 18 → 11:00-16:00
Friday, March 19
*Gowns returns will not be accepted past the deadline, you will have to purchase them instead.
Issuing Transcripts
Issuing Graduation Certificates
Student Office
Other Pages
  • Your APU User Account After Graduation
  • After you find a job (Link to Career Office Website)
  • How to Apply for Certificates (Link to APU Website)

Academic Office Graduation Team
Email: gradteam@apu.ac.jp
TEL: 0977-78-1101 /FAX: 0977-78-1102

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