This page is applicable to 2017 curriculum undergraduate students

Accelerated Graduation Program

The accelerated graduation program has been devised to encourage the academic efforts of outstanding students who wish to graduate in three years or three and one half years. Those who wish to enroll in the "accelerated graduation program" must meet a number of specific criteria. Once enrolled, as long as students meet the assessment criteria at the end of the 4th semester, they will continue on the program through the time of their graduation.

Application for AY 2022 Fall Semester Application for AY 2023 Spring Semester
Application Materials Available Early July 2022 Early January 2023
Application Period Mon. July 4 - Fri. July 8, 2022 Tue. January 10 - Fri. January 13, 2023
Results Announced Mon. September 12, 2022 Mon. March 13, 2023
Program Registered Wed. September 21, 2022 Sat. April 1, 2023

In the following cases, students will be ineligible to register for the Accelerated Graduation
  • Transfer from a non-4 year university or 3rd Year transfer students.

Program Details

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