Current Accelerated Graduation Program Students

Application for Preferred Graduation Date

Each semester, students registered for the Accelerated Graduation Program will be contacted to confirm their preferred graduation date.


September 11, 2017 (date of grade release)

Application Method

Students will be contacted via [Action Required] of the Campus Terminal.


In the case that a requested graduation period was changed, course schedules for seminar subjects (3rd and 4th year seminars) will also change. The changes will be reflected during the Course Registration Period B.
-  Students intending to speed up their graduation period are required to speak to a professor or faculty member about their course plans.
-  Please refer to the "Seminar Subjects" section of the "Undergraduate Academic Handbook" for course schedules.
-  Please be aware that Accelerated Graduation Program Students are unable to participate in Exchange Programs and take Session subjects in their final semester.

Announcement of Graduation Assessment Results
Results will be announced on the graduation result release date of the semester of their intended graduation.
Conditions of the Accelerated Graduation

- Submission of the Graduation Selection Period Application at the beginning of the semester of intended graduation.
- Completion of at least 124 credits in the requisite fields.
- Cumulative GPA of 3.20 or higher.
- Completion of at least 20 credits of lecture/seminar subjects held in the non-basis language (excluding J/E classes)


An interview by a faculty member is required on the semester immediately preceding your graduation.


International students receiving a reduction in tuition fees who have become Accelerated Graduation Program students should review "The Guide to Scholarship" available on the student office website for information regarding the conditions of the reduction.

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