College Transfer: Application


Information on "College Transfer Within the University", Fall Semester 2021 (PDF)

Application Materials
  • College Transfer Application (PDF)
  • College Transfer Application (DOC)
  • College Transfer Application sample (PDF)
  • *Only signatures and seals of the actual “primary tuition provider” will be considered valid. The signature of the “primary tuition provider” (international students only) will be sufficient in the case that the “primary tuition provider” does not possess a seal (inkan).
    The “Application for College Transfer sithin the University” is able to be downloaded prior to the start of the application period. Please make sure that you have your “primary tuition provider” sign the documents so that you are able to submit them during the designated application period.
  • College Transfer Fee of 10,000 JPY
  • College Transfer Essay (no set format, typed on A4 paper.

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