Part-time Study (undergraduate)

Applicants meeting Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University undergraduate enrollment requirements are able to attend undergraduate level classes, take examinations and receive credits for completed courses. Part-time students taking undergraduate subjects are divided into two categories depending on the number of credits registered.

Category For Credit Permission to Enroll in Language/Seminar Subjects Examination Description
Part-time Student A YES YES YES Part-time students enrolled in at least 10 credits worth of subjects per semester
Part-time Student B YES NO YES Part-time students enrolled in less than 10 credits


Part-time Student A Part-time Student B
Registration Fee 50,000yen 50,000yen
Part-time Student Fees (Fixed) 380,000yen -

Part-time Student Fees
(per credit)

22,500yen 48,000yen

*1)Registration fee must be paid each semester
*2)Registration fees and part-time student fees are reviewed when tuition fees are adjusted.
*3)Applicants must pay a Screening Fee of 10,000yen at the time of application in addition to the above fees.
*4)Please be aware that once payment has been made we will be unable to return the screening fee, the registration fee or the part-time class fees for any reason.

AY 2021 Fall Semester Part-time Study (undergraduate) application:

Please note that students currently undertaking study at other institutions (including distance-learning) should contact their school first to receive permission to conduct part-time study at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.

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