This page is applicable to 2017 curriculum undergraduate students

Part-time Study (graduate)

Applicants meeting Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University graduate school enrollment requirements are able to attend graduate level classes, take tests, examinations, etc. and receive credits for completed courses.

Screening fee・Registration fee

Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Graduate School of Management
Registration Fee 50,000yen 50,000yen
Part-time Class Fees 75,000yen
(per credit)
(per credit)

*1)Registration fee must be paid each semester.
*2)Registration fees and part-time student fees are reviewed when tuition fees are adjusted.
*3)Applicants must pay a Screening Fee of 10,000yen at the time of application in addition to the above fees.
*4)Please be aware that once payment has been made we will be unable to return the screening fee, the registration fee or the part-time class fees for any reason.

AY2022 Fall Seminar Part-time Study (graduate) application:

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