This page is applicable to 2011 curriculum undergraduate students

Course Timetable

  • *) Method of grade evaluation consists of "Letter Grades method (A+ A, B, C, F)" and "Pass/Fail method (P, F)".
    Please check which method of grade evaluation has been chosen for lectures that you wish to take before proceeding to course registration.
    - Results evaluated by Pass/Fail method will not be included in your Cumulative GPA or Semester GPA.
    - For more information, please refer to 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 of the Undergraduate Academic Handbook.

For details of the curriculum, please refer to the Academic Handbook.

Change in Class Length to 100 minutes

Starting in the AY 2021 spring semester the length of all class periods will be increased to 100 minutes. Due to this change, the class timetable will also change as shown below. Please check the start and end times of class carefully. The number of classes will not change.

This change in the class length has been made to better comply with the law stipulating “the amount of class time required per credit.” We also expect that the change in class length will cause changes to student life, extracurricular activities and so on, but please take the time to plan your studies and extracurriculars in a way that could bring about a more meaningful student life than before.

With class time increased to 100 minutes, the university hopes that we will be able to offer more diverse and appealing classes and further improve the effectiveness of our education.

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Division of Academic Affairs

<Regular Course Timetable>

*Break time: 10 minutues.
*15 minutes after 2nd period

Period Class Time Break time
1 8:45-10:25 10 min.
2 10:35-12:15 15 min.
3 12:30-14:10 10 min.
4 14:20-16:00 10 min.
5 16:10-17:50 10 min.
6 18:00-19:40 -
<Make-up Day and Winter / Summer Session Timetable>

*Break time: 10 minutues.
*50 minutes after 2nd period

Period Make-up Day Session Break time
1 8:45-10:25 8:45-10:25 10 min.
2 10:35-12:15 10:35-12:15 50 min.
3 13:05-14:45 13:05-14:45 10 min.
4 14:55-16:35 14:55-16:35 10 min.
5 16:45-18:25 16:45-18:25 10 min.
6 18:35-20:15

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