This page is applicable to 2011 curriculum undergraduate students

Curriculum Overview

A "curriculum" is a set of requirements for graduation and courses which may be taken. A student's curriculum is determined by the year of their enrollment, and with the exception of a change in enrollment status, it will not normally change during a student's time at APU.

A student's enrolled college, language basis and application type (international or domestic) can also affect the requirements for graduation and courses available. Please identify your curriculum from the table below and refer to that curriculum's document for more details.

Curriculum and Year of Enrollment
Curriculum Applied Year Enrolled Semester in Fall 2021
AY 2011 Curriculum 2011 Spring - 2016 Fall semester 1-16

Details of Each Curriculum (from 2021 Undergraduate Academic Handbook)
Changes in Curriculum

While a student's curriculum will normally remain the same through graduation, in the case of status changes such as readmission or reinstatement, a curriculum change may occur. Areturning student is placed on the same curriculum as that of other students of the same semester number. Please read Changes in Curriculum for further details.

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