This page is applicable to 2011 curriculum undergraduate students

Change in Curriculum

Normally students will study under the same curriculum until graduation. If a student is reinstated after a leave of absence or readmitted after withdrawing from the school however, there are cases in which a student's curriculum may be changed. In this event, all requirements will be based on the new curriculum including credits required for graduation, courses available for registration, etc.

Students Changing from the AY2006 Curriculum to the AY2011 Curriculum

The curriculum of returning students will be matched with that of current APU students in the same semester of study. If you are reinstated or readmitted in the AY 2018 Fall Semester, you will be enrolled under the AY 2011 Curriculum.

AY2011 Curriculum Details
Applications Prior to Reinstatement or Reenrollment

Please note the following applications which are made to the Academic Office before returning to APU after a leave of absence or withdrawal from the University.

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