Course Re-registration

Once credit has been received for a class, it is normally not possible to register for the same course again. However, the re-registration system allows students who wish to deepen their understanding of the subject and who meet the following criteria to re-take a subject for which they have already received credit.

AY 2021 Fall Semester

Application Requirements

Eligible Subjects

  • Only lecture subjects offered AY 2021 Fall Semester may be re-registered (language and seminar courses excluded).
  • Only subjects completed in AY 2020 Fall Semester or earlier with a passing grade of A+, A, B or C.

Eligible Students

  • Only students with the student status of "regular student" for AY 2021 Fall Semester are eligible to apply for re-registration.
Applications will Not be Approved for:

Ineligible for Re-Registration / The following are examples of subjects for which re-registration applications will not be approved

  • Lecture subjects which will not be offered in AY 2021 Fall Semester.
  • Subjects for which a passing grade was received in AY 2021 Spring Semester.
  • Subjects which are no longer being offered or whose names have changed due to the AY 2011 curriculum reform and AY 2017 curriculum reform.
  • Language Subjects, Seminar Subjects which can be registered multipul times, subjects for which registrants must meet specific registration conditions as shown in the syllabus, and subjects automatically registered by the University. *Refer to the Undergraduate Academic Handbook and the syllabus.
  • Subjects filled to capacity before Course Registration Period B begins.
  • Subjects with the same content (syllabus), instructor, and language of instruction as a previously taken subject. If one of these points differs (content, instructor, or language) re-registration is possible.
  • Cases in which the reason for re-registration is unclear (please be sure to clearly state the reasons why you intend to re-take the subject in at least 70 words on your application).
  • Applications with incomplete or incorrect information including the subject name or instructor’s name, duplicate applications, etc.
  • The class Time of the subject which you apply to re-take overlaps with that of a subject automatically registered for you by the University for the AY 2021 Fall Semester.
Re-registration Procedures
  1. First, complete the online re-registration survey between 10:00 on Monday, September 13 and 16:30 on Wednesday, September 15.
  2. Screening will be carried out based on the reasons submitted. If an application is accepted, only when there is still space available for the desired subject after Course Registration Period A has closed will the University convert the grade of the previously completed subject to "R" (re-register). Subjects which have been changed to an "R" grade will be automatically registered by the University.
  3. The University will complete registration for those who are authorized re-register before course registration period B starts. Please note a subject is non-cancellable once registered by the University.
  4. Please check the results of your application on the course registration screen on Campusmate from 21:00 on Tuesday, September 28.
  1. Subjects which have been changed to an "R" grade as noted above will be automatically registered by the University.
  2. Subjects which have been changed to an "R" grade, once registered, cannot be changed.
  3. Subjects with a grade of "R" will still be considered valid as a completed prerequisite subject.
  4. Once a grade has been changed to an "R", it cannot be changed back to the original grade for any reason. "R" grades will also be shown on student grade reports and transcripts.
  5. Students will not be awarded any credits towards graduation and Areas of Study for "R" subjects and grades will not be included in a student’s GPA.
  6. If a student re-registers for a lecture subject, only the grades and credits of the re-registered subject will be counted towards graduation and Areas of Study and included in a student’s GPA.
  7. Even if a student receives a lower grade the second time he/she takes the subject, the second grade will be the only grade that counts towards graduation and which is included in GPA calculations. For example, if a student receives a "B" for a subject, but applies to retake the subject and then receives a "C" or an “F”, only the latter grade will be shown on the student’s transcripts with the original grade remaining as an “R”.
  8. The University will complete registration for those who are authorized to re-register. Please note a subject is non-cancellable once registered by the University.
  9. If you have registered for a regular subject during Course Registration Period A which overlaps with the subject you were allowed to re-register for, the University will cancel your registration for the regular subject for which you registered.
  10. If a re-registered subject does not conflict with the schedule of another subject, in the case that registration of the subject would cause the student's credits for that semester to exceed the maximum credit registration limit, then the University will cancel other lecture subjects at its discretion in order to allow for the re-registered subject. (Students cannot choose which subject will be cancelled.)

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