This page is applicable to 2011 curriculum undergraduate students

Area of Study

Once you complete the required number of credits from among the designated subjects for your Area of Study.

(APS: 20 credits, APM: 30 credits), the name of that Area of Study will be noted on your diploma.

Please note that if you do not register for an Area of Study,
even if you complete the requirements the Area of Study will not be noted on your diploma.

Application for Area of Study

AY 2011 Curriculum students will be able to apply for an Area of Study via Campusmate during the Course Registration Period (Registration Period A,B and Correction Period 1,2.)

How to apply for an Area of Study : please refer to the registration manual.The manual should answer any questions you have. You are able to confirm your own Area of Study during the same period as the Grade Report screen viewing.

Area of Study for APS / APM

Area of Study for APS

The College of Asia Pacific Studies has established 4 areas of study in order to conduct education and research for the development of wide-ranging problem solving ability and specialized know-how of the issues facing the Asia Pacific region. Studies are centered on solid language proficiency and a basic understanding of the diverse cultures, histories, societies, natural environments, and historical coniditions of the Asia Pacific region.

Area of Study
環境・開発 Environment and Development
観光学 Hospitality and Tourism
国際関係 International Relations and Peace Studies
文化・社会・メディア Culture, Society and Media

Area of Study for APM

The College of International Management has established four Areas of Study in order to support the development of future business people with high professional ethics and the ability to discover and resolve management issues. Students will acquire a knowledge of management and a deep understanding of diverse societies, cultures and traditions and also interact with individuals from a variety of backgrounds in the world of international business.

Area of Study
会計・ファイナンス Accounting and Finance
マーケティング Marketing
経営戦略と組織 Strategic Management and Organization
イノベーション・経済学 Innovation and Economics

Please refer to the Curriculum Outline below for the designated subjects for Area of Study.

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