This page is applicable to 2017 curriculum undergraduate students


1. Diplomas, Certificates
Q1-1. Is a diploma the same as a certificate of graduation?
A1-1. No. The diploma, which is issued only once at the time of graduation (or completion), is proof that you have earned a degree. Meanwhile, the certificate of graduation, much like a Certificate of Attendance or a Transcript of Academic Record, can be issued when needed. It is often required for job interviews or graduate school applications
Q1-2. I lost my diploma. Can it be reissued?
A1-2. No. Your diploma is an original document that cannot be reissued.
Q1-3. I lost my certificate of graduation and/or academic transcript. Can they be reissued?
A1-3. Yes. These certificates can be issued in whatever quantity you require. Please submit your application to the Student Office.
Q1-4. I need to submit a certificate of graduation to my prospective employer or graduate school. Can I obtain one before the graduation ceremony?
A1-4. No. You cannot obtain this certificate until you receive your diploma.
Q1-5. Can I receive a scan of my diploma and certificates?
A1-5. No. The University cannot provide scans of diplomas or any certificates.
Q1-6. Can the university issue a document certifying that the degree conferral ceremony will be held?
A1-6. No. If you need documents related to the degree conferral ceremony for visa application purposes, please print the information from the degree conferral (graduation) ceremony website.
Q1-7. Will Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University serve as a guarantor when I apply for a visa?
A1-7. No, the University cannot serve as a guarantor.
Q1-8. What are the requirements for obtaining a visa?
A1-8. Please check the application requirements with your embassy and on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
2. Graduation Ceremony Day
Q2-1. What items will I receive on the day of the graduation ceremony?
A2-1. The following items will be provided.
・Diploma (1 copy)
・Certificate of Graduation/Completion (Japanese and English, 1 copy each)
・Grade Transcript (Japanese and English, 1 copy each)
・Graduation Souvenirs
・Division / Specialization Certificate (Japanese and English, 1 copy each) ※Grad students only, limited to those who meet the requirements.
Q2-2. Do I need to bring anything with me to the graduation ceremony?
A2-2. Please bring your Student ID card.
Q2-3. Is there parking available at the venue?
A2-3. No. Please use public transportation.
3. Receiving the Diploma and Other Certificates. (Only for those who will be absent from September 2022 Degree Conferral Ceremony)
Q3-1. From when can I receive my diploma and other certificates.
A3-1. Participate in person: You can receive your documents on the day of the ceremony

Participate online / not attend: Please fill out the survey by the deadline. Those who fill out the survey will have their documents mailed to them in order after the graduation ceremony, so please wait for them to arrive. We will not be able to mail documents before this date.
Q3-2. Do I need to pay for the postage?
A3-2. Yes. The university will not cover the postage for either domestic or overseas deliveries.
Q3-3. Can the mailing address be an address outside of Japan?
A3-3. Yes. We will use services which allow international delivery such as EMS.
Q3-4. What should I do if I miss the deadline for submitting the survey?
A3-4. Please refer to Receiving Your Diploma after Graduation on the Academic Office Website.
* the postage will be at your expense.
Q3-5. I already submitted my application but would like to change the delivery address. Is this possible?
A3-5. This is possible depending on when you contact us. Please consult with the Graduation Team (
Q3-6. If I have not yet submitted my application after the graduation ceremony, can you send additional certificates along with the free certificates provided with my diploma (i.e., one Japanese and one English copy of my academic transcript and certificate of graduation)?
A3-6. If you wish to receive more than two copies of your Certificate of Graduation or Transcript of Academic Record, please refer to this page before applying.
* Since additional certificates will be mailed separately from the diploma, you will need to pay an additional handling fee for the additional postage (¥300 yen per certificate).
Q3-7. Can you send the certificates of graduation and academic transcripts to a different address than the diploma and commemorative gift?
A3-7. No. All items will be sent in one package to the same address.
Q3-8. Will past graduates also receive the diploma by mail this time?
A3-8. No. Only students graduating in this time will receive their diplomas.

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