Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar contains all the important dates throughout the year, from the Entrance Ceremony to the start of classes and even the date of the graduation ceremony.
There are instances where the Academic Calendar may be changed due to unforeseeable events.

AY 2021 Academic Calendar

※AY 2022 Academic Calendar can be found at the bottom of the page.

【Class Column】: School Day or Examination Day, 〇: Make-up Classes, Blank: No classes
*National Holiday

Date Day AY 2021 Academic Calendar Class
4 Spring Semester
1-Apr Thu Entrance Ceremony
2-Apr Fri
3-Apr Sat
4-Apr Sun
5-Apr Mon
6-Apr Tue
7-Apr Wed
8-Apr Thu
9-Apr Fri
10-Apr Sat
11-Apr Sun
12-Apr Mon Start of Classes, Spring Semester 1st Quarter
13-Apr Tue
14-Apr Wed
15-Apr Thu
16-Apr Fri
17-Apr Sat
18-Apr Sun
19-Apr Mon
20-Apr Tue
21-Apr Wed
22-Apr Thu
23-Apr Fri
24-Apr Sat Make-up Classes 1
25-Apr Sun
26-Apr Mon
27-Apr Tue
28-Apr Wed
29-Apr Thu Shōwa Day* Classes as usual
30-Apr Fri
1-May Sat
2-May Sun
3-May Mon Constitution Memorial Day* Classes as usual
4-May Tue Greenery Day* Classes as usual
5-May Wed Children's Day* Classes as usual
6-May Thu
7-May Fri
8-May Sat Make-up Classes 2
9-May Sun
10-May Mon
11-May Tue
12-May Wed
13-May Thu
14-May Fri
15-May Sat
16-May Sun
17-May Mon
18-May Tue
19-May Wed
20-May Thu
21-May Fri
22-May Sat Make-up Classes 3
23-May Sun
24-May Mon
25-May Tue
26-May Wed
27-May Thu
28-May Fri
29-May Sat Back-up Classes
30-May Sun
31-May Mon No Classes
1-Jun Tue No Classes
2-Jun Wed No Classes
3-Jun Thu No Classes
4-Jun Fri No Classes
5-Jun Sat
6-Jun Sun
7-Jun Mon Start of Classes, Spring Semester 2nd Quarter
8-Jun Tue
9-Jun Wed
10-Jun Thu
11-Jun Fri
12-Jun Sat
13-Jun Sun
14-Jun Mon
15-Jun Tue
16-Jun Wed
17-Jun Thu
18-Jun Fri
19-Jun Sat Make-up Classes 1
20-Jun Sun
21-Jun Mon
22-Jun Tue
23-Jun Wed
24-Jun Thu
25-Jun Fri
26-Jun Sat
27-Jun Sun
28-Jun Mon
29-Jun Tue
30-Jun Wed
1-Jul Thu
2-Jul Fri
3-Jul Sat Make-up Classes 2
4-Jul Sun
5-Jul Mon
6-Jul Tue
7-Jul Wed
8-Jul Thu
9-Jul Fri
10-Jul Sat
11-Jul Sun
12-Jul Mon
13-Jul Tue
14-Jul Wed
15-Jul Thu
16-Jul Fri
17-Jul Sat
18-Jul Sun
19-Jul Mon
20-Jul Tue
21-Jul Wed
22-Jul Thu Marine Day* Classes as usual
23-Jul Fri Sports Day* Classes as usual
24-Jul Sat Make-up Classes 3
25-Jul Sun
26-Jul Mon Back-up Classes
27-Jul Tue Back-up Classes
28-Jul Wed Back-up Classes
29-Jul Thu Back-up Classes
30-Jul Fri Back-up Classes
31-Jul Sat
1-Aug Sun Summer Session/Classes as usual
2-Aug Mon Summer Session
3-Aug Tue Summer Session
4-Aug Wed Summer Session
5-Aug Thu Summer Session
6-Aug Fri
7-Aug Sat
8-Aug Sun Mountain Day*
9-Aug Mon Substitute Holiday*
10-Aug Tue
11-Aug Wed
12-Aug Thu
13-Aug Fri
14-Aug Sat
15-Aug Sun
16-Aug Mon
17-Aug Tue
18-Aug Wed
19-Aug Thu
20-Aug Fri
21-Aug Sat
22-Aug Sun
23-Aug Mon
24-Aug Tue
25-Aug Wed
26-Aug Thu
27-Aug Fri
28-Aug Sat
29-Aug Sun
30-Aug Mon
31-Aug Tue
1-Sep Wed Graduation Results Announced
2-Sep Thu
3-Sep Fri
4-Sep Sat
5-Sep Sun
6-Sep Mon
7-Sep Tue
8-Sep Wed
9-Sep Thu
10-Sep Fri
11-Sep Sat
12-Sep Sun
13-Sep Mon Spring Semester Results Released
14-Sep Tue
15-Sep Wed
16-Sep Thu
17-Sep Fri Graduation Ceremony
18-Sep Sat
19-Sep Sun
20-Sep Mon Respect for the Aged Day*
Fall Semester
21-Sep Tue
22-Sep Wed
23-Sep Thu Autumnal Equinox Day*
24-Sep Fri Entrance Ceremony
25-Sep Sat
26-Sep Sun
27-Sep Mon
28-Sep Tue
29-Sep Wed
30-Sep Thu
1-Oct Fri
2-Oct Sat
3-Oct Sun
4-Oct Mon Start of Classes, Fall Semester 1st Quarter
5-Oct Tue
6-Oct Wed
7-Oct Thu
8-Oct Fri
9-Oct Sat
10-Oct Sun
11-Oct Mon
12-Oct Tue
13-Oct Wed
14-Oct Thu
15-Oct Fri
16-Oct Sat Make-up Classes 1
17-Oct Sun
18-Oct Mon
19-Oct Tue
20-Oct Wed
21-Oct Thu
22-Oct Fri
23-Oct Sat
24-Oct Sun
25-Oct Mon
26-Oct Tue
27-Oct Wed
28-Oct Thu
29-Oct Fri
30-Oct Sat
31-Oct Sun
1-Nov Mon
2-Nov Tue
3-Nov Wed Culture Day* Classes as usual
4-Nov Thu
5-Nov Fri
6-Nov Sat Make-up Classes 2
7-Nov Sun
8-Nov Mon
9-Nov Tue
10-Nov Wed
11-Nov Thu
12-Nov Fri
13-Nov Sat
14-Nov Sun
15-Nov Mon
16-Nov Tue
17-Nov Wed
18-Nov Thu
19-Nov Fri
20-Nov Sat Make-up Classes 3
21-Nov Sun
22-Nov Mon Final Exams, 1st Quarter Fall Semester  
23-Nov Tue Labor Thanksgiving Day* Final Exams, 1st Quarter Fall Semester  
24-Nov Wed Final Exams, 1st Quarter Fall Semester (Back-up Examinations)
25-Nov Thu No Classes
26-Nov Fri No Classes
27-Nov Sat
28-Nov Sun
29-Nov Mon Start of Classes, Fall Semester 2nd Quarter
30-Nov Tue
1-Dec Wed
2-Dec Thu
3-Dec Fri
4-Dec Sat
5-Dec Sun
6-Dec Mon 1st Quarter Make-up Examinations
7-Dec Tue
8-Dec Wed
9-Dec Thu
10-Dec Fri
11-Dec Sat Classes as usual (substitute classes for Jan.10 (Mon))
12-Dec Sun
13-Dec Mon
14-Dec Tue
15-Dec Wed
16-Dec Thu
17-Dec Fri
18-Dec Sat Make-up Classes 1
19-Dec Sun
20-Dec Mon
21-Dec Tue
22-Dec Wed
23-Dec Thu
24-Dec Fri
25-Dec Sat
26-Dec Sun
27-Dec Mon
28-Dec Tue
29-Dec Wed
30-Dec Thu
31-Dec Fri
1-Jan Sat New Year's Day*
2-Jan Sun
3-Jan Mon
4-Jan Tue
5-Jan Wed
6-Jan Thu
7-Jan Fri
8-Jan Sat Make-up Classes 2
9-Jan Sun
10-Jan Mon Coming of Age Day* No Classes
11-Jan Tue
12-Jan Wed
13-Jan Thu
14-Jan Fri
15-Jan Sat
16-Jan Sun
17-Jan Mon
18-Jan Tue
19-Jan Wed
20-Jan Thu
21-Jan Fri
22-Jan Sat
23-Jan Sun
24-Jan Mon
25-Jan Tue
26-Jan Wed
27-Jan Thu
28-Jan Fri
29-Jan Sat Make-up Classes 3
30-Jan Sun Back-up Classes
31-Jan Mon Final Exams, 2nd Quarter Fall Semester
1-Feb Tue Final Exams, 2nd Quarter Fall Semester
2-Feb Wed Final Exams, 2nd Quarter Fall Semester (Back-up Examinations)
3-Feb Thu Final Exams, 2nd Quarter Fall Semester
4-Feb Fri Final Exams, 2nd Quarter Fall Semester
5-Feb Sat Back-up Examinations
6-Feb Sun Back-up Examinations
7-Feb Mon Winter Session
8-Feb Tue Winter Session
9-Feb Wed Winter Session
10-Feb Thu Winter Session
11-Feb Fri National Foundation Day* Winter Session / Classes as usual
12-Feb Sat
13-Feb Sun
14-Feb Mon 2nd Quarter Make-up Examinations
15-Feb Tue 2nd Quarter Make-up Examinations
16-Feb Wed
17-Feb Thu
18-Feb Fri
19-Feb Sat
20-Feb Sun
21-Feb Mon
22-Feb Tue
23-Feb Wed Emperor's Birthday*
24-Feb Thu
25-Feb Fri
26-Feb Sat
27-Feb Sun
28-Feb Mon
1-Mar Tue
2-Mar Wed Graduation Results Announced
3-Mar Thu
4-Mar Fri
5-Mar Sat
6-Mar Sun
7-Mar Mon
8-Mar Tue
9-Mar Wed
10-Mar Thu
11-Mar Fri
12-Mar Sat
13-Mar Sun
14-Mar Mon Fall Semester Results Released
15-Mar Tue
16-Mar Wed
17-Mar Thu
18-Mar Fri Graduation Ceremony 
19-Mar Sat
20-Mar Sun
21-Mar Mon Vernal Equinox Day*
22-Mar Tue
23-Mar Wed
24-Mar Thu
25-Mar Fri
26-Mar Sat
27-Mar Sun
28-Mar Mon
29-Mar Tue
30-Mar Wed
31-Mar Thu

【Class Column】: School Day or Examination Day, 〇: Make-up Classes, Blank: No classes
*National Holiday

AY 2022 Academic Calendar

Please check the AY 2022 Academic Calendar.
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