Attendance via Recorded Classes

* The application period has been ended. There is no application acceptance after the deadline.

In principle, APU classes should be attended in real time, however, for those students who are unable to enter Japan due to unavoidable circumstances, and find it difficult to attend classes in real time due to the time difference between Japan and certain other factors, we have established a system that allows students to attend classes by viewing recorded classes. Eligible courses are limited to those for which a significant learning effect can be expected even from viewing recordings of the live class. If you wish to attend class by viewing recordings please carefully read all of the guidelines before submitting your application.

Application Requirement

You are eligible to apply only if you satisfy any of the requirements below.

  • Must have at least more than 2-hour time difference between your country or region and Japan
    *All areas other than those between +7 and +11 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) (Japan: GMT +9)
  • Due to your internet connection or issues with your device you are unable to ensure a stable audio/video connection to your online classes (Only for students living outside Japan.)

*This system is for those students who are unable to enter Japan due to unavoidable circumstances. Therefore, if you meet the criteria for leave of absence (such as the case of going abroad for long-term), basically you are not eligible for the recorded course.

Application Guideline/Guideline for Viewing Recorded Classes

<Application Guidelines>

  • 【For the extended application deadline】AY2021 Fall Semester_ Application Guidelines (PDF) ←the application period ends on Wed, September 29, 16:00
  • AY2021 Fall Semester_ Application Guidelines (Current Students) (PDF) ←the application period ends on Mon, September, 13, 16:30
  • AY2021 Fall Semester_Application Guidelines (New enrollees, Reinstate and Readmit Students) (PDF) ←the application period ends on Mon, September 27, 9:00
    *The application URL is written in the application guidelines. Please read thoroughly and apply.


  • AY2021 Fall Semester_ Guidelines for Viewing Recorded Classes(PDF)
Subject List Eligible to Attend via Recorded Classes *Updated on Wed. September 22
  • 2011 Curriculum_ Subject List (xlsx)
  • 2017 Curriculum_ Subject List (xlsx)
  • Graduate School_ Subject List (xlsx)
  • For Undergraduate New Enrollees of AY2021 Fall semester_ Subject List (xlsx)
    *1) Please be noted that most of the undergraduate new enrollees will be taking required subjects which will be automatically registered by the university, and not all of them are eligible to attend via recording.
    *2) The above subject lists are only listed the subjects which are eligible to attend via recording. Please check the Course Timetable distributed in the orientation, for all the subjects new enrollees may register.
FAQ (The answer will show up when you click the question)
Q1. Will I be automatically enrolled in courses for which I have applied to attend via recordings?
A: No. Please register the courses during your Course Registration Period. You are eligible to apply to view the recordings only if you are enrolled to those classes.
Q2. I cannot find the courses I want to attend via recording in the subject list.
A: Eligible courses are limited to those for which a significant learning effect can be expected even from watching recordings of the live class. The courses not listed in the list are not eligible to attend via recordings so please attend them in real-time.
Q3. The recorded data is not uploaded. / I can’t find the recorded data.
A: The recorded data will be uploaded after designated times as below, so please check after these times (JST). There are some courses that the course instructors are recording their classes by themselves and in that case they will be sharing you the recorded data directly.
1-3 periods→By 17:00 of the same day of class
4-6 periods→By 11:00 of the next day of class *Only period 4-6 Classes on Friday→by 11:00 am the following Monday
Q4. Can I view the recording whenever I want through the semester?
A: No. You can view the recording for seven days including the day of class. After this period, it will be deleted.
Q5. How can I view the recordings?
A: You can view them via manaba+. However, you cannot download the recordings, so you will need to access to the internet. For more details, please refer to the guidelines.
Q6. May I attend the classes I applied to attend via recording in real-time?
A: No. You cannot attend classes in both ways. If you wish to switch to real-time attendance, please inform the course instructor and the Academic Office in advance.
Q7. Even if I am able to enter Japan, can I continue attending classes via viewing recordings?
A: No. You cannot attend classes via recordings as you will no longer be eligible if you enter Japan. Please make sure to contact the Academic Office ( once you enter Japan.
Q8. I haven't applied for this system, but can I watch a recording of a class I missed?
A: Students who do not have permission from the Academic Office will not be provided with the recorded data. In some cases, you may be able to receive the recorded data directly from your instructor, depending on their judgment.
*Please note that there are some classes that are not recorded.
Q9. How will attendance be evaluated?
A: The Academic Office has requested that the faculty in charge does not evaluate real time participation directly and does not reflect it in the total sum as attendance points. How the professor evaluates your grades will differ, so please confirm these methods with your professors.

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