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Class Policy

This page publishes announcements regarding classes. For other announcements, such as campus use, entering Japan, etc., please check the Official Homepage response to novel coronavirus/COVID-19

AY 2022 Fall Semester Classes (Updated July 1, 2022)

In principle, all AY 2022 Fall Semester classes will be held in person.
Please read the file below for more details about important notes and the specific class format for each subject.
PDF: AY 2022 Fall Semester Classes (Updated July 1, 2022)

【Attending Classes Online】
Students need official permission from APU in order to attend “On-Campus” classes online.
Only “students who cannot attend classes in person due to underlying health conditions that increase their risk of developing severe symptoms if infected with COVID-19” are eligible to apply for permission to attend classes online.
Please see “Underlying Health Conditions Eligible for Applying to Attend Classes Online (PDF)” for a list of eligible health conditions. If your health condition is not included in the PDF, then you are not eligible to apply.

If you have an eligible underlying health condition and would like to attend classes online, please apply using the form below. APU will consider the contents of your application and notify you about whether or not you have permission to attend online.
Application Deadline: Wednesday, August 31, 2022 16:30 JST
Required Documents: A medical certificate from a physician stating the following (1) and (2)
*Only medical certificates issued from July 1, 2022 onwards will be accepted.
1) Your diagnosis
2) That you need to attend classes online because you have an underlying health condition that increases the risk of developing serious symptoms if you catch COVID-19, with the reason provided

Application Form for Attending Classes Online
*Students who received permission to attend online during the 2022 Spring Semester must reapply as APU needs to confirm your current health condition.

Important Notes:

  • No other reasons besides the list of underlying health conditions on the PDF are eligible for receiving permission to attend classes online, including temporary illness or injury and mental illnesses.
  • Having a few credits left before graduation, job hunting, and family circumstances are also not eligible reasons for receiving permission to attend classes online.
  • If you are not eligible for permission to attend classes online, please attend classes in person. Otherwise, if it is difficult for you to attend classes in person, please consider taking a Leave of Absence or utilize the class absence system.
  • Even if you receive permission to attend classes online during the Fall Semester, APU may revoke your permission to attend online after classes start depending on the COVID-19 situation and in line with the university's COVID-19 policy (BCP Level). Please be prepared to attend classes in person if necessary.
AY 2022 Spring Semester Classes (Update April 8, 2022)

In the AY 2022 Spring Semester, it has been decided to hold classes In-Person.
However, students with underlying medical conditions or those who have been unable to enter the country may submit an application to be approved to take online courses.

Details on the specific format of each class, the deadline to apply for permission to attend class online, and other points to keep in mind are shown in the attached document.

PDF: Class Format from Monday, April 18th Onwards (Update April 4, 2022)
PDF: 【Current Students】AY 2022 Spring Semester Classes (Update February 4, 2022)
PDF: 【Reinstatement / Readmission Students】AY 2022 Spring Semester Classes (Update February 4, 2022)

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