How to Prepare for the Exchange Program

Step 1 Get to Know More About the Exchange Program

  • Do you have the necessary English scores/ GPA?
  • When does the application period start?
  • What countries can you go to?
  • What will tuition costs be like? How about credit transfer?

Step 2 GPA Requirements and Getting Your English Scores Up

  • Try to get the necessary English scores within the application period.
  • Make a study plan and work on it steadily!
  • Try using English in your everyday life!

Step 3 Guidance Sessions / Understanding the Application Information

  • Participate in the Guidance Sessions and get the answers to your questions!
  • Carefully read the application information.

* If you plan to apply, please read the application information thoroughly before doing so.

Step 4 Apply

  • We accept applications through the survey linked on the right.
  • Remember to give yourself plenty of time before the deadline!

Step 5 APU Internal Screening

  • The Academic Office carries out a comprehensive screening through two phases: the document screening phase (in which essays, grades, and English scores are considered) and the interview phase.

Step 6 Get Accepted/ Join Guidance Sessions for Accepted Students

  • Once accepted, preparations will begin to ramp up.
  • Follow the instructions given and provide/fill out all the required forms quickly.
  • Attendance at Guidance Sessions is mandatory. Please adjust your schedule to allow for participation.

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