Job Vacancy Information

Job Vacancy Information Posted at APU

Job vacancy information posted at APU can now also be found in Career-tasuUC (job search engine for universities run by DISCO Inc.).

Career-tasuUC - Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
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*The graduates have access to the site for 3months after graduation.

Please be aware that you can search for internship opportunities inCareer-tasuUC, but for more detailed information about internships you may refer to the following link.
About Internships

Jointly Shared Job Vacancy Information

For job vacancy information that jointly shared with Ritsumeikan University, please refer to the CAMPUS WEB (RU)

Ritusmeikan University CAMPUS WEB(RU)
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Viewing Job Vacancy Information through the CAMPUS WEB(RU)
  1. Login the CAMPUS WEB(RU), and select 'Job Hunting Information (就職情報)'.
  2. Go to 'Company Search (企業検索)'. Fill in the fields and go to 'Search (検索開始)'. Please make sure to fill your Job Hunting Year in the field of 'Recruitment Year (求人年度)'. (If you are graduating in Sep. 2014 or Mar. 2015, your Job Hunting Year is 2014)
  3. Select a company name from the search result. Check 'Recruitment Information tab (求人・推薦情報)' on the above of each company information. Click 'File No. (ファイル番号)' to view the Job Vacancy Information.

Please refer to the following file for details.

Searching Jointly Shared Job Vacancy Information (Japanese)
NB: Available in PDF format

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