Job Hunting Records

You are able to view the job hunting record written by your seniors. (from AY2009 onwards) In this record, you are able to find out about the screening process of a particular company, tips and advices from the seniors and many more. Please access this record via 'Job Hunting Report Search' in the Campusmate Web. 

Campusmate Web Manual - Job Hunting Report Search (Japanese)
Campusmate Web Manual - Job Hunting Report Search (English)
NB: Available in PDF format

For those who have completed the job hunting

We also kindly ask for your cooperation to write a report of your job hunting as a reference for your juniors who will be job hunting from now. You can write your Job Hunting Record via 'Job Hunting Report Registration' in the Campusmate Web.

Also, please do not forget to complete the Notice of Job Offer.

Receiving a Job Offer

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