Independently-arranged type Internships

Students are free to seek out and arrange their own internships. Recently, several companies have used internship programs as a recruitment tool, taking on students for internships with an eye on perhaps employing them officially following graduation. These programs are called 'Employment-related Internships'. Students choosing an Independently-arranged type Internship will have to submit an "Internship Notification Form," so please contact the Career office with your intentions prior to making any applications.

How to Look for an Independently-arranged type Internship Program

Many companies have information about their internship programs online. However, certain companies and organizations may not have any information online in which case you will have to approach them directly. Several organizations coordinate internship programs for companies and are a great resource for information. Please check 'Useful Internship Websites'. Similar information is also available at the Career Office; please refer to “Internship Information” on Campusmate web.

Useful Internship Websites

For further details on internships, please check the following document.

【Revised on May 26, 2022】Internship Handbook (English)
【Revised on May 26, 2022】Internship Handbook (Japanese)
NB: Available in PDF format

Required Documents
Before the commencement of the internship
1. Internship Notification Form (Word) Where to Submit: Career Office
After completion of the internship
2. Internship Report (Excel) Where to Submit: Career Office

Internship Insurance

If you take part in the independently-arranged type internship, we recommend you to purchase Liability Insurance for Student (学生賠償責任保険) at COOP or CREO TECH. The Career Office deals with Liability Insurance for Internships, Professional Qualification Activities, etc. (インターンシップ・教職資格活動等賠償責任保険) and it will only cover students who take part in the Contract-type Internships. Also, Comprehensive Overseas Travel Insurance' is recommended for students participating internships overseas.

University Coop Insurance Service - Liability Insurance for Student
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