Students Graduating in Sep. 2018 & Mar. 2019 Go...JOB HUNTING


Time/date: Tuesday, October 10, 2017. 17:55-19:30
For: Students graduating in Sep. 2018 & Mar. 2019 who intend to job hunt in Japan.
Venue: H201
Language: Japanese
Application deadline: Monday, October 9, 2017. 10:30
Application / Inquiries: 1. Please click on the On Campus Recruiting and Event Search in the Campusmate Web.
2. Input all necessary information and search event you wish to participate.
3. Please select event you wish to participate and click ‘register’.
※ Any events you have registered will be highlighted in red.
【Attention】You will not be able to register after the deadline.
Contents: Part 1: (45min) Speaker: Career Office Staff
■ What is syukatu?
3 things you must do to survive syukatu.

・Why find employment, how to find good options based on your goals in life, etc.
・Getting started on the job hunt: must-do 3 things from day 1 of your career planning process, understanding the process and planning in advance…
Part 2: (15min) Speaker: Representatives from employment agencies
■ Schedule and process of job hunting in Japan.
Part 3: (30min) Speaker: Job Offer Recipients
■ My job hunting experience and my tips for you.
Experience sharing session by the senior students who have already concluded their job hunt. Gather the first hand experiences from those who just finished the battle, so that you could prepare yourself better and be get your dream job as soon as possible!
Attached File: Go JOB HUNTING

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