Preparing Yourself for the Global Society as an Undergraduate【Japanese Version】


Time/date: Wednesday, November 7, 2018. 16:05-17:40
For: All students
※The students who plan to go to graduate school after joining companies are also welcome!
Venue: H102
Speakers: Tadashi Yokoyama-san Chariman of the Board, AGOS Japan
Seating capacity: Up to 50 attendees
Application deadline: Tuesday, November 6, 2018. 10:30
Contents: This is a special seminar from a representative of AGOS Japan, a company that boasts a history of helping students enter some of the world’s top graduate schools internationally. Through a discussion on the standards and recruiting process for top international graduate schools and/or industries, we will cover what qualities are now highly regarded within current global society. We will then go into the preparation and mental mindset that one should carry in working on the global scale. Additionally, keeping in mind of the words of those currently active globally, your professors’ teachings, and your own international experience, we will cover what you should do and keep in mind from now on during your undergraduate life to prepare for that future.
Profile of Facilitator: Born in Tokyo. Spent Junior High School days in Italy. Moved to the U.S. in 1974. Attended high school in southern California and graduated from UCLA in Linguistics in 1983 while also serving as Head Manager for UCLA Basketball Team. Since returning to Japan in 1983, built career in study-abroad advising. Constant guest speaker at international conference to present study-abroad and global talent development in Japan. In addition to working for AGOS, currently serves on executive board on HLAB, JAOS, UCLA Alumni Association of Japan and advisory board of Work-Life Balance, Inc.
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