SAIA Information Session Student Association of International Affairs (SAIA)


Time/date: Friday, November 9, 2018. 16:05-17:40 5th Period
For: All students (domestic student and international student)
Venue: F103
Language: Japanese/ English
Application deadline: Thursday, November 8, 2018. 10:30
Contents: ◎ About SAIA(Student Association of International Affairs)?
◎ Goals and mission of SAIA
◎ Support for career path development

If you are interested in global issues, such as human rights, environment and development, poverty/starvation, educational opportunities, water and sanitation environment, refugee problems, etc., and would like to work at the international organizations (UN and its related organizations) and NGOs in order to solve these issues…join SAIA!
APU supports all of you who wish to learn and engage in global issues, aiming to create “the future shape of the Asia Pacific region” and “the peaceful society by dialogue”. APU faculty members, alumni who are currently working at international organizations are committed to helping you realize your dreams!
SAIA will provide learning opportunities for you to acquire skills and competencies needed to work at international organizations, and information about internship programs to develop your career paths.
Let’s learn from each other and grow together!
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