【MOFA】Global Career Seminar -What it takes to work in an int'l organization-


Time/date: Wednesday, November 4, 2020. 16:05-17:40
For: All students
Speakers: - Michiko Nakano‐san
Deputy Director, Recruitment Center for International Organizations, Foreign Policy Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- Tatsuji Shinohara‐san (APU alumni)
Emergency Officer, Field Services, UNICEF Bangladesh Country Office
Language: Japanese
Application deadline: Tuesday, November 3, 2020. 11:00
Contents: This is a special seminar from the Recruitment Center for International Organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( https://www.mofa‐irc.go.jp/ ). Those who wish to pursue a career in international organizations, etc., be sure to participate and catch all the crucial information you need to know at this seminar!

‐ Types of positions in International Organizations
‐ Skills/certifications required to work in international organizations
‐ Main methods to become international government workers
‐ How to build up experience, etc.

In addition, Tatsuji Shinohara‐san, Emergency Officer at UNICEF Bangladesh Country Office and an APU alumnus, will speak about his experiences during this session. It will be a great opportunity for you to connect and directly talk with him. Be sure to mark it down on your calendar!

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Attached File: 【MOFA】Global Career Seminar -What it takes to work in an int'l organization-

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