【Special Lecture】Career Building:Designing a Career by Connecting all Experiences


Time/date: Thursday, January 14, 2021. 17:55-19:30 6th Period
For: All APU students
Speakers: <Speaker> Ms. Yukiko Oikawa, Chief of Social Business at ACE (Action against Child Exploitation)
<Moderator> Prof. Tatsufumi Yamagata (APS)
Language: Japanese

This is your chance to hear from Ms. Oikawa who is working at ACE, an international NPO! Ms. Oikawa pursued graduate studies after working at 2 Japanese manufacturing companies. After completing her MBA and PGDip in Development Study and Research, she became interested in human rights issues in the supply chain, and has thus decided to join ACE. She will reflect on her past experiences and share how she selected the path she wanted to pursue.

  • ACE’s activities and projects
  • Career up to now
  • Message to students
  • Q&A session

<Speaker’s Profile>
Ms. Oikawa earned an MBA from University of Massachusetts and completed a post‐graduate diploma at Institute of Developing Economies Advanced School (IDEAS) after obtaining a university degree in business from Aoyama Gakuin University and a few years of work experience. She worked at 2 Japanese manufacturing companies (stationary and optical equipment) in global sales and global supply chain management. She joined ACE in August 2018, taking in charge of liaison with businesses, corporate training and educational activities.

<About ACE>
Action against Child Exploitation, ACE for short, is an NGO aiming to transform the world into a place where all children and youths are free to shape their own lives and capable of building a society that they want to live in.
To that purpose, they work to realize and protect the rights of children and youths by getting everyone in society to play their role. Website: https://www.global.acejapan.org/

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