Use Your Language Ability & Work Overseas! Guidance on Dispatched Staff of Overseas Diplomatic Missions


Time/date: Wednesday, July 20, 2022. 14:20-16:00
For: All students interested in this program, regardless of the college and academic year.
However, ONLY Japanese nationals are eligible to apply for this program.
*Dispatched Staff of MOFA Overseas Diplomatic Missions website:
Venue: F105 ※The information session will be held online and in-person.
Speakers: Ms. Noriko Okawa
International Hospitality and Conference Service Association (IHCSA)
(IHCSA is a certified public-service corporation authorized by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge of the screening and dispatch of staff under this program.)
Language: Japanese
Entry: Free
Application deadline: Tuesday, July 19, 2022. 11:00
Attire: Casual style
Application / Inquiries: ▼ For more details, please refer to the Campus mate.
Contents: ・Overview of the program
・Application process

This event has concluded.


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