Research Proposal

Research Proposals are extremely important in the support of student research and provide students with the opportunity to receive feedback and advice from other professors.
All students must submit a research proposal approved by their supervisor for examination within the Division by the deadline set for their completion program. The research proposal should include the theme of the study, the research background and research question, the significance of the study, methodology and other specific information.

Research Proposal Submission Period:

1-year completion: 1st semester (when registered for Research Project I)
1.5- and 2-year completion: 2nd semester (when registered for research Project II)

Research Proposal Submission Deadlines:
Spring Semester: last working day on or before June 30
Fall Semester: last working day on or before January 10

Submission Location: Academic Office and manaba

  1. A hard copy signed by your supervisor should be submitted to the Academic Office by the above deadline. Hence, please make sure that you obtain your supervisor's approval and signature to submit on time. Please make sure that you attach to your proposal the designated application form. A link is attached to this message for your reference.
  2. A Word file of your Research Proposal must also be submitted to manaba by the above deadline.

Announcement of Examination Results

Spring Semester: the last working day on or before August 5
Fall Semester: the last working day on or before February 10

Research Proposal Application Form

Submission instructions will be provided to students at the beginning of every semester.