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APU Support Network

APU Support Network We at this University consider it our mission to nurture the global leaders who will contribute to the future of the Asia-Pacific Region. From the moment the university first opened its doors, we have received an enormous amount of support from heads of state, business leaders, Nobel Peace Prize winners, world leaders and many more who have given up their time to speak to our students.

The Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee was established in May 1996 to provide multifaceted support to APU from a broad perspective. The committee includes heads and ambassadors from various countries and Japanese leaders in the world of economy, trade and industry, who contribute to APU in different ways for the improvement and development of APU's education and research.
List of Advisory Committee Members

The Academic Advisors

The Academic Advisors support APU particularly for the advancement of education and research. The 48 members include Nobel Prize winning scholars and prominent researchers and individuals from educational fields in Japan and abroad. Academic Advisors are invited to APU hosted International Conferences and Special Lectures and through direct contact with students and faculty members they contribute to the vitalization of education and research.
List of Academic Advisors